Anybody know the best way to learn to ride one. I spent the last hour leaning against the wall trying to swing back and forth. Cant seem to get a feel for even doing that. Seems even harder than I expected. Phone Post

You learn to fuck by fucking. Why should a unicycle be any different?

No. I learning d to fuck by watching instructional videos and practicing with my handle and every hole I could find in the bathroom for several years. Phone Post

Learned Phone Post

Hand. Good god I hate this phone Phone Post

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Learned Phone Post


WTF are these phones doing? Do they auto-correct stuff you spell?

Yes. Its constantly replacing the words I type Phone Post

Try a narrow hallway where you can touch both walls. Your welcome. Phone Post 3.0

I know its kinda old school, but I saw a vid of a guy riding one down a mountain. It looked awesome. So I picked one up at a garage sale to give it a go. Phone Post

My brother learned by setting the height as lows as it would go, and using walking sticks.  One for each hand, sort of like crutches.  Sticks long enough that he could still use them as he increased the height of the seat.  He would just ride around in the driveway or on the street, using the sticks to help keep himself upright.  Once he got his balance worked out, he could ride at any height his was capable of with no problems.


I guess it would be a similar principle to training wheels.

I like the sticks idea. I think I have some ski poles somewhere Phone Post

I can ride pretty well... I mean in 6th grade we used to ride them the school every day until we got tired of it. It actually became a trend and a bunch of other nerds at our school followed suit. We had maybe 5 or 6 growing up including a "Giraffe" (6-foot tall Unicycle). Those are much harder to ride. The furthest I ever rode the giraffe was fully around the block, one time. Once you learn to ride a unicycle, learning to ride a Giraffe is like starting again from scratch. But, I can ride a regular unicycle indefinitely. I can't ride backwards very well though. That is very hard.

I have a twin brother who was(is) pretty much an expert on riding a unicycle. He spent countless hours for years learning to master that & juggling. He could ride a Giraffe while juggling pins, ride backwards juggling --Huge F-ing nerd. HUGE!

The way we learned was to use walls inside the house. A narrow hallway IS a good tip. We also used ladders and chairs and such outside. --it's very much like learning to swim-- short trips (go from this wall to that wall) is how you start out. Really, just try to go two, then three, then four revolutions and you'll pick it up. FIRST however, learn to ride from already seated, THEN later once you can ride for 30 seconds, learn to "get on" and start ridding without a wall. Going down curbs and stuff like that is the really tricky part of riding a unicycle and will not make your nuts happy while you are learning it. Trust me.

The main "issue" is going to be dealing with the "feeling" of the seat falling backwards. (This is GREATLY exaggerated on giraffe-type unicycles). I don't know what size you have, but unicycles with bigger wheels are certainly easier to learn on, while smaller wheels are harder.

Have fun, they are great exercise.... IF you don't mind looking like a phenomenal dork. ;)

I dont mind looking like a dork. In fact I kinda enjoyed laughing along with my old prick neighbors heckling me as I fell off over and over today. Turns out they enjoy watching me try and kill myself as much as they like to critique the job I do trimming my hedges.

I did suceed in getting three full turns once after i had let go of the side of the truck. All in all I think its an ok start. Phone Post

I was told to learn to ride backwards first but I couldn't do it well. I just hung on to the garage door, kept my balance and pushed off. Soon I was just able to do it.

Guy i work with cycles in on one every day Phone Post

Day two has come and gone and I still havent made it more than about 10 feet eithout falling. This shit is hard. Oh and I have bruises on the inside of my thighs from the seat catching me weird when im falling. Thats a new one for me. Phone Post