UNIDO Sports Management October News and Updates

 Wow, thanks for the votes of confidence everyone.  I do try my best and I intend on getting as many fighters as I can to help further the sport in Canada.  I get a lot of fighters, trainers and people in general wanting to know a lot about the agency and my background...

I'm a part-time Social Worker with Child Welfare, so transitioning to work full time for the agency has been a great experience.  Learning how to balance out my day, trying to represent all my clients and being a full time single Dad (I have full custody of my daughter) has been challenging but I do my best.  I've recently hired on some great people to help me out with the smaller tasks while I stay focused on the fight procurement, purse negotiations and sponsorship relations.  I pretty much do the agency full time now and do some contract work on the side as I still love working with at risk youth.  I've had the fortunate opportunity to work with some of the best in the business learning the ropes from some great people....Mark Pavelich from Maximum Fighting Championship being one of them.  He's helped me more than anyone I know.  

So, what are some of the benefits of having an Agent in Canada as opposed to one of the big ones south of the border?  To be honest....it's like the movie Jerry Maguire...it's all about "personal relationships".  I know the majority of my fighters personally and am there for them through thick and thin.  I've had fighters sleep on my couch when they've been kicked out, have been a marriage counselor, sat in clinics for hours, been a personal chauffeur, wrapped hands, answered my phone at 3 in the morning renewing confidence in a doubtful fighter and have given out gay ass hugs whether you win or lose.  

  • Other Agents "cut and paste" stories on their fighters. I make sure you're promoted in every level of the game.  

  • Other Agents will wait until you make it to the big show and take over from there.  I'll fight tooth and nail to get you bigger paydays, better exposure and will be there every step of the way to get you to the big show.  

  • Other Agents have 40 high level fighters that get sponsorships only if they are recognized on the camera.  I'll get the neighborhood pub to put free drinks and money in your pocket if you have the heart and determination to put on a great show.  

You're only as good as who you represent...and I have an awesome group of fighters.  It's a family...and I'll do anything for my family.  Just ask any one of them.  



UNIDO Sports Management Inc. adds some huge  depth to the welterweight division.      

October 26, 2009 -
UNIDO Sports is proud to announce the signing of up and comer David Letourneau to the agency!  David is a welterweight fighter from Thunder Bay, Ontario and has already established a great reputation in the MMA game.  "This signing made sense in so many ways" says Owner, Jake Hirsch.  "David comes from Leading Edge MMA Gym from Thunder Bay and I'm a huge supporter of Coach Matt Richer and the club he runs out there.  With sparring partners like Nathan Gunn and Matt Veal, you know David is in great company". 

David who is 1-1 in competition and holds a victory over Aaron Gallant lost an unfortunate one sided fight with Vanja Vojovdic.  "I was dominating him for the entire fight before making a rookie mistake and getting caught in a triangle" adds Letourneau.  "I'm very motivated and excited to fight".   Letourneau makes a great addition to the family and will look to step in sometime before the end of the New Year. 


 UNIDO Sports adds a "Poster Boy" to the roster.  

October 26, 2009 -
UNIDO Sports is proud to announce the addition of Aron "Poster Boy" Lofton to the roster of fighters we represent for sponsorships, marketing and appearances. 

"I've known Aron ever since he fought Whitford back at MFC 18 and we always kept in contact, he's a super nice guy" says Owner, Jake Hirsch.  "When Aron approached me, I was really excited about working with him for his upcoming main event appearance at Heat XC".  Look for Lofton to face off against Roger "The Hulk" Hollett on November 6th on HEAT XC's "Hysteria" at the River Cree Resort & Casino in Edmonton. 


RainbowPants'd - What weight is this fight at?

 205lbs. - Light Heavy


By: UNIDO Staff October 29, 2009 -  Kilkenny has taken the quiet road since his disappointing loss to Dwayne Lewis at MFC 22 but is looking to make some waves at his next appearance in Heat XC.  “I’m just concentrating on my training right now...there’s not much to say.  I was upset at my last loss so I’m back in the gym and getting back to business” says Kilkenny who’s record stands at 12-7. 

“It was frustrating to see how his last fight turned out at MFC because I know Jared really well” says Agent Jake Hirsch.  “Seeing that guy in the gym and watching him that night was like seeing two different people...I know J-Rod’s an animal...he just didn’t unleash it that night. 

But I stand behind him 100% and I know you’ll see the old J-Rod on November 6th in Edmonton” adds Hirsch.  “The fact that he’s not talking right now is a good sign if you ask me...he’s focused and not getting caught up on trash talking or internet hype.  He’s determined to make a statement and I think this is a great fight for him.  He’s fought at Heavyweight before and he’s had success there as well”. 

“I know he’s not looking past Fortin either....he’s a big kid with heavy hands.  I just know J-Rod will go in there and do what he does best” says Hirsch.  “J-Rod’s back...he’s just going to make that announcement with his performance on Nov. 6th”. 

Catch UNIDO Sports Management’s Jared “J-Rod” Kilkenny and Aron “Posterboy” Lofton on HEAT XC on November 6th at the River Cree Resort & Casino.  Limited tickets left. 



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By: UNIDO Staff October 30, 2009 -  Calgary middleweight fighter Elliot Duff has signed with UNIDO Sports Management Inc. after what some would call a long time coming.  "I first met Elliot when he fought at an event in Calgary almost three years ago" says President, Jake Hirsch.  "We got along really well and I was impressed with his performance...I always knew we would end up working together.  It was only a matter of time".   Time would be almost three years down the road but Hirsch always made it a point to follow his career.

Duff who now sports a record of 2 - 2 went on to win his next fight against Brandon Curts at MFC 17 but lost some momentum afterwards.  "I think Elliot is a very gifted fighter, he just needed to take a step back and refocus on his training to get back to where he needs to be" adds Hirsch.  "I believe you'll see a new and improved Duff in his next fight, which I'm hoping to get booked by the end of the year.  It's just kind of funny because we've always managed to stay in touch but never sealed the deal....but I'm happy to say that today it's a done deal.  I'm happy to welcome Elliot to the family".

Look for Duff to make his return before the New Year.  Announcement and details soon to follow. 


Jake, anywhere i can get pictures to that fight?

Cameron McQueen - Jake, anywhere i can get pictures to that fight?

 Hey Cam, were you meaning the pics from that Duff fight?