Unification is a must for MMA

Pride, UFC, and K-1 need to become more like the WBA, WBC and IBF titles in boxing. If this sport is ever going to make it to the next level, it must unify at some point. I can't wait until something like this happens. I am bored at work and just thought I would rant. Thanks for reading.

MMA needs to stay as far away from boxing as possible.

Unification needs to happen in a way similar to the NFL or other major sports.

Fuck boxing.

'WBA, WBC and IBF titles in boxing'


The biggest problem is that promoters (UFC, Pride, K-1, etc) are also the sanctioning bodies that are providing rankings and championships. There must be separation between these 2 functions if the sport is to become recognized on the world level. The way things are run right now is way too much like pro wrestling.

Proxy is correct.