"unique" situation with deleted thread

There is no god; I don’t celebrate Easter, & fuck yes am I ever bored.

That said, the reason that thread is memorable (at least for me) is that you’d initially expressed the hope that that her suffering might lead to you reconnecting, & when others correctly called you out for lack of empathy & lack of reasonable bounds, you edited your post to make it look like that was never said & people were unfairly pinning you on it.

Then in someone else’s advice thread, when I called you out for dispensing advice that was shitty specifically because it again demonstrated a lack of appropriate awareness of boundaries, & tied my criticism back to this topic, you again got all faux innocent, as though I’m somehow wrong & unfair for noticing the connection.

If you want to step up & admit what you did, we can all have a laugh & move on. But if you’re gonna keep pretending the problem is us able to recall information for a few days, sorry; not sorry; I’m gonna ride that out 'til the end of time for the lols.


If I wasn’t on BLAD’s list of alphabet person intolerance oblivion, I’d agree with him.

Is she hot?

lol. THE OG NEVER FORGETS! you know this, D.

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Offering emotional support lol.

For the record, I didn’t out the OP of that thread. He outed himself on this one.