Unit to NY.......finally

The trade that Arizona and the Yankees have been trying to make since June or so is finally done. NY sends Vazquez and two minor leaguers to LA, the Dodgers send Green, Penny, and Brazelbahn (sp?) to Arizona.

What the fuck is with the Dodgers these days? They've made some really questionable moves this last year.

Is this finalized? Everything I am hearing is that it looks complete but definitely not done. The Yanks appear to be getting off a little light considering how much the D'Backs initially requested.

it's all done as far as negotiating goes.

it's all up to the players to waive no trade clauses
and pass physicals

Good move by the Dodgers, even though they look like indecisive pussies. They were gonna get bent over on that one IMO.

Paul DePodesta comes off looking like a flake. He wilted as soon as he heard the backlash from the LA fans. That is pathetic. He needs to get his shit together because according to an ESPN.COM article several front office personnel from around the league were cited as saying they would be hard pressed to work with the Dodgers in the future. What makes him look even worse is that the Dodgers owner called the D'Backs and Yanks to confirm LA's intent on finalizing this deal just the other day. With that kind of leadership is it any wonder why the Dodgers won't win anytime soon.