United Airlines: Pushing Women Into Pilot Jobs

Will you feel safe knowing a woman was hired to fly a passenger plane you and your family are traveling in to meet a diversity quota?

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I don’t fly that dogshit airline anyways.


I would have no problem with it.

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I know the first thought on my mind as I board an aircraft is…is this flight crew diverse enough ?


So you don’t care if the pilot is qualified as long as pilot racial and gender eqaulity exist ?


here is a dirty little secret.

you dont even need to have finished high-school to fly a jet liner.

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I used to travel 35 weeks a year. Flew every one of those weeks. I barely ever saw any pilots that weren’t white males. Slowly I saw some diversity. Never a woman. I wonder if accidents went up as diversity rose.

If she was hired to do it, she has to be qualified.


Qualified by flight school, but better than other applicants ? How could that not matter considering the situation ?

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Qualifications matter.

However, if i am boarding and the entire flight crew is female, i would not think twice about it.

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And you believe this was systemic raciasm and mysogyny ? Or less women and people of color where going for these jobs . A lot of pilots come from military backgrounds as well.

But sure. Lets hire pilots based off equality rather than qualifications.

I will be driving, thank you very much.


The announcement wasn’t just women. It said, we want our crew to be as diverse as our passengers. Affirmative action for airline pilots just doesn’t seem like the best decision. Just my opinion.


i want the NBA to be as diverse as its viewers


aviation is a big time old boys club. I’m not into this whole white man bad thing but aviation is almost exclusively male. it is extremely male dominated.

I’ve hired a few female pilots and they have been a fucking sweet addition to my fleet. I would hire more, but there aren’t a lot of them out there.

when a female does apply for a position they are almost always more qualified than their male counterparts.

this is just my personal experience but really flying a plane in the normal category, the planes are literally built to what a pilot of average skill can do so unless something extremely unexpected happens that superior skill is worthless

and when that superior skill needs to be applied, the issue causing the situation is probably beyond even that realm as airliners are extremely complex to troubleshoot… the idea of course being that nothing should ever go wrong.

This is very much akin to the NHL’s poc diversity program now. The lack of poc’s in the NHL is a product of there just not being that many interested in that sport.

The OP labeled this as women, but the UA statement was about diversity. Women and poc’s.

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is it an old boys club because women are discriminated against or because women arent interested?

some of the countries with the most gender equality like Sweden have some of the biggest gender gaps in occupations, because if ppl are truly free to choose the profession that best suits them women and men tend to choose different jobs.

its absurd to expect the local firefighting dept to be 50% female and even more absurd to lower standards to get there. you’ll notice they dont lower nursing standards to make the childbirth floor at the local hopsital have 50% male nurses. I did a rotation in a hopsital and there were literally 90 nurses working on one floor and not a single male nurse. this shit only goes one way it has gone too far already.

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Since I began flying a lot in 2000 and the pilots became more diverse as we got to 2020 the deaths have dropped. Accidents have dropped. We don’t need to change anything dramatically. Continue to let the industry diversify itself commiserate to interest and qualification.

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I wouldn’t have before the announcement. Now it reeks of affirmative action. They should have just kept their mouths shut and hired more women or poc’s.

I don’t give a fuck what color anyone is, or which of the 2 genders they are. But if my life is their hands due to affirmative action over the “most” qualified. Then I have a problem.