United Airlines: Pushing Women Into Pilot Jobs

There’s not such thing as equal. The interview should determine who can handle pressure, who can keep a passenger bay calm and who can handle the stresses of the overall job. I’ve interviewed 100’s of people over the years with the same “qualifications” required for the job and the smartest or best scoring often didn’t relate to the situations the job required. They can’t teach that in school.

By all means, hire the best person for the job, regardless of skin color or gender.

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to be honest, the biggest safety threat to aviation is Asia

their culture of structure and hierarchy is fucking terrible for crew resource management, they have virtually zero aviation history, and they struggle with the icao official language.

and objectively, their safety record is terrible.

they let freshly licensed cadets right seat airliners. many Asian airlines aren’t even allowed to fly into Europe because they’re so fucking terrible

North American diversity hire worst case scenario is Chuck yaeger in comparison to some of the shit going on over there

Only 25% of student pilots even end up getting to their final check ride and passing it.

I’ve seen many people flame out for reasons other than money. Not enough motivation to stick with the learning process. Some just not competent enough. Some got way too stressed flying a plane and realized it wasn’t for them.

The incompetent or dangerous usually get weeded out at some point.

But as was stated, the pool of minorities and women is so damn low already it is a bad idea trying to pull that many from an already low pool.

aviation management is weird in that way

you want to do everything the safest way possible, but you dont want to deviate from the standard.

as far as handling pressure goes, a bug part of aviation is understanding what pressure is and where it comes from. in a healthy organization pressure doesn’t exist, because all you have to do is your job, and the only pressure comes from yourself, but you have everything you need so there is no pressure.

when things go wrong it is almost always more luck than skill that saves the day.

air France 447 had not one, not two, but three pilots in the cockpit, I can’t remember the exact number but there was definitely combined experience of over 10k hours and they managed to make a mistake you learn how to avoid in lesson three.

if people meet the standard there is no objective difference between them because you can’t move the standard. you cant change the limits and when shit goes wrong its pretty much over before it starts.

when you interview and hire a pilot the rest of it is sorted out by the standards and your training, if they make it through they’re good to go.

I guess what I’m saying is, the right testing, and I’m not saying any is wrong, should weed out those that either panic or get fixated on a single issue without looking at more possible causes of failure. I’m guilty of loosing an entire power plant, well 70 %, by fixating on the most obvious problem and not the whole problem.

I understand the stresses are much higher at 35 000 ft, I just watch some re-enactments and completely understand how and where some pilot error incidents went wrong…


I could write a whole lot more but I’m tired and going to bed.

Bottom line I am fine with diversity outreach but I strongly disagree with United’s mandate for a variety of reasons.

which is fair and I get your principle, and in principle I agree, affirmative action sucks, I just can’t see it as a major safety concern and there’s not enough to go around anyways.

good to know you’re not coming from a place of complete ignorance. clearly you know some shit and have seen some shit so respect

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Bros, chill.
I’m so fuckin’ woke up in this bitch that I won’t even fly unless the pilot is half black half Native American tranny who identifies as a female Japanese sushi chef that has Simpsons tattoos and supports the wise leadership of Joe Biden and rescues pitbulls that are then taken to “story time” at the local children’s library.

I don’t care as long as she can fly a plane. What planet do you guys live on that you think the absolute best guy always gets the job? Sometimes it’s the guy with the best line of bullshit, sometimes they know somebody, etc etc…

I don’t think they should be hired BECAUSE they’re a woman, just like I don’t think you should hire someone because they’re whit, or black or purple. But I’m not opposed to a woman being a pilot.

The only thing I need confidence in is that the certification and testing requirements are strict enough. Just like with a doctor, I need to feel like that pilot had to go through a years long journey of study, training and progressive examinations to sit in that seat.

Once the FAA loosens up requirements, I’ll start to worry