United Mistake fare for anyone in the UK


Book flights from anywhere in the UK to any airport in the US for like 60 bucks in first class.

Go to united.com > click the Danish flag > book your flights in first and thank me later.

This only works UK > US round trip not the other way around.


You have 24 hours to cancel the ticket, book it and then plan.  

Fuck! If I had a fuckin' passport I would do this. There goes my only chance of leaving here. Good lookin' out op. Phone Post

Holy shit, I'm planning an LA, San Francisco, Hawaii trip in August...need to check this out Phone Post 3.0

damn, that works. VTFU. I'm not booking though.

Shame it's not working the other way Phone Post 3.0

just trying it now, getting over $5000 for a return trip from UK to San Fran. Have i missed out???

top right hand corner, am i changing the flag to Denmark before i search flight?

Apparently the billing address has to be in Denmark, does look like this will work :( Phone Post 3.0

Not giving me the option for Denmark... Phone Post 3.0

Anyone get this to work? Phone Post 3.0

No flag here either Phone Post 3.0

It died shortly after the post (1 hour)

They are killing it and all of the tickets.



Thanks for the heads up though. It was worth a shot Phone Post 3.0