Univ Wisconsin-Whitewater TMA

My daughter is looking to do gymnastics in college and UWW is a consideration. Any info on culture of the school, area,etc would be appreciated. Thanks.

she's going to be a Warhawk?

Don't know yet. Missed last 2 seasons due to a couple of knee surgeries to fix a torn and deformed meniscus. She is back this year, doing good, but recently sprained ankle, is in a boot.

Has gotten some interest from some D1 schools as a walk on. UWW is top D3 gymnastics school in country and her coach has a connection there. Says he has spoken to the coach and sent her videos, and coach is very interested.

I know UWW has a serious athletic program, great facilities, and a great gym program. All I know is what I see from website and meet results...

Her decision might have to come down on where she gets the most academic money from. She has a 31 on ACT and near 4.0 at a very selective high school, hopefully that will ease the pain of out of state tuition.

UWW looks like a pretty big D3 school with about 10,000 students. Also seems to have a lot of school and community support for athletics. Seems like a good school academically.

To REALLY want to know about UWW? With your daughter being a gymnast, the football team is going to make her a target for the crazy bending/positions she'll be able to do. She'll be getting spit roasted before you know it. Shes going to have a lot of Warhawk spirit in her!

Welcome to having a collage age daughter sir!

Why not UW - madison?

UW - Madison doesn't have a gymnastics team.

My daughter has had 5 knee surgeries to repair a torn meniscus in her knee, which was also found out to be deformed leading up to first surgery. It took a few to finally fix it, followed by a couple of clean outs. She missed all or most of each of the last 4 competitive seasons. Had said issue never had happened , she would be considerably farther along in her development and would be getting more attention from D1 schools.

Poor girl has been progressing nicely since her most recent surgery, last season, and recently sprained her ankle. She has been on a couple college recruiting trips and attended a number of college camps, so she is on some radars but most scholarship spots are taken. She is hoping for a walk on spots (not like football or wrestling where almost anyone can try out, one has to be invited and not many are given) at a D1 school or a spot on a D3 roster. Only 5 D2 schools in gymnastics.

Realistically, with all the time she has missed, she could spot into D1 lineups , at best, unless she really blossomed once getting in college practice room. Would probably be one of better girls on top ranking D3 teams.

Quite remarkable she is where she is considering all the disruptions in training following all the surgeries and not very good coaching. Finally got her with a good coach and she sprains her ankle as the season is beginning.