Universal Basic Income - When not if


Vice article talking about how this idea is starting to gain some traction again. I feel like we are already starting to feel the bite of the automated economy as productivity increases and wages stagnate. Just a matter of time until we are all out of a job. From the article, "Tell me something that you think robots cannot do, and I will tell you a time frame in which they can actually do it," a young Italian entrepreneur named Federico Pistono challenged me.

TLDR; As automation takes more and more jobs, there will come a time that, without universal basic income, the only people able to feed themselves will be the people that own the robots.

Better start buying robots then

RockTheVote - Big ass human powered Hamster wheels for electricity imo. Phone Post 3.0
Knock out that obesity problem and renewable energy with that shit!

I like it! Phone Post 3.0