Universal Studios Hollywood?

Any Fun? Phone Post 3.0

it's actually quite cool

Always enjoyed it. Phone Post 3.0

Yes. Yes it is. Phone Post 3.0

It's fucking awesome Phone Post 3.0

Haven't seen it yet but apparently the Harry Potter Ampitheater is incredibly well done.

The Transformers ride is mindblowing.  

Mummy Ride is fantastic.

Jurassic Park ride is fun.

Terminator show is cool.  Is it still around?  There's a few other shows Fast & Furious and a cowboy shootout that are super entertaining.

And definitely do the Tour.  It's actually my favorite thing to do there.


A true classic

Went in 2012.

Did the VIP tour and loved every minute of it. Spent 12 hours at the park i think.. was amazing! Phone Post 3.0

Some rides might feel a little dated or fading, because they are old and we have all this technology/CGI today. Still really fun though.

I think they got rid of the Back to the Future ride for instance because of this and it was one of my favorites.

Loved the Universal in Orlando, the Spiderman 4D ride was kickass

Transformers and Simpsons rides were pretty fun. Rode the Jurassic log ride twice. Went in thinking it would be stupid, but ended up having a good time. Harry Potter wasn't open yet when we went. Phone Post 3.0

Awesome place Phone Post 3.0

Better than Disney

It is awesome, Transformers ride was my favorite

Go you cunt Phone Post 3.0

Just went 3 weeks ago and it kicked fucking ass.  The new Harry Potter ride was intense.  

Only been to Orlando but it awesome, as well as Island of Adventure. Phone Post 3.0