University Goalie suits up for Van

Hrmm i though i posted this a couple days ago but i must have forgotten to hit add lol...Anyways here goes:23-year-old UBC student, Chris Levesque was called in from the UBC Thunderbirds to fill in as back-up goalie tonight. Dan Cloutier wasn't able to make it to tonight's game as a result of a groin injury from this morning's skate. SEE, GROIN INJURIES!!!This was classic because the guy was supposed to be studying for a final exam he had the next day! He gets the call, signs an amateur contract for the day and gets to sit on the bench and hang with the guys for a day.They couldn't get Auld in time from the farm so they needed a backup badly, and fast.It was hilarious when early on in the game (might have been early 2nd period) Hedberg came flying out of the net and collided with a pens player who was skating hard for a puck halfway to the blueline.Hedberg got smashed in the head w/mask flying off etc and LOL@ the look on Levesque's face! I've never seen anyone chew gum that hard lol.Crawford kinds looks over at him and then gets an evil grin on his face.Now that guy is gonna have a story to tell the grandkids one day.

Oh yeah and he's only UBC's *backup* goalie.

Ah here we go:

"I thought that the guy that found me [in the library] was yanking my leg," said Levesque, who has a 4.77 goals against average and .855 save percentage in seven games with UBC this season. "We had been talking about playing a prank on another guy just about a week ago, so I thought he was doing the same thing to me. But as soon as I talked to the staff here on the phone I realized it wasn't a joke and that it was actually true."

How does the saying go? Whatever can go wrong...

An injury is never funny, but Marc Crawford couldn't help but flash a grin when Johan Hedberg was shaken up after taking a Konstantin Koltsov knee in the head late in the first.

"Mike Keane was on the bench and yelled down at [Levesque] 'don't worry, he'll get up,'" said Crawford. "I started laughing. I thought that was pretty funny."

"I was a little frightened at first," said Levesque, "but I just tried to play it cool on the bench. I just kept chewing my gum and looking up at the scoreboard. Luckily [Hedberg] was able to shake it off and get right back in."

While it would have made for a great story, Levesque needs to get home and hit the sack. He writes his geography final tomorrow.

"Yeah it's 8:30 in the morning, so it's straight back home and to the books. I'll probably be up till 2:00."

That must have been a cool experience, it looked like he shit himself when hedberg went down, he was trying to play it cool though

lol no kiddin.

great story... I can just picture everyones face...
Coach " ok, three guys back, for the rest of the game"