Unknown Facts About Mark Hunt!

I'll start off first!!!

In his younger days he carried a axe and had a giant blue ox!

fail thread.

 This is his alter-ego.

HexRei - fail thread.

 This is not how you play the game.

Mark Hunt once resuscitated a family of 5 using only his farts.

His mum once punched his dad in the nuts and broke her hand.

He is super and he is Samoan.

He once had an akward moment just to see what it felt like.

Chuck Norris once opened a door for him. Phone Post

If you insult Mark Hunt in a dream, you better wake up an apologize, or Mark Hunt will punch you in the face.

He once challenged Stephen Hawking to a speed walking contest.

HexRei - fail thread.

Mark Hunt doesn't have a CTRL button on his keyboard because he's ALWAYS in CTRL.

Mark Hunt once breast fed two baby pink flamingos back to health. FULL recovery!!! Phone Post

Mark Hunt always had trouble shaving until he upgraded from five blades to Ray Sefo's fists

Mathematicians always believed it was impossible to divide by zero until they saw Mark Hunt's overhand right

A semi truck was once hit by Mark Hunt

The Manhattan Project was originally named the Mark Hunt Project

The consensus among geologists is that an asteroid killed the dinosaurs. However, they have not ruled out Mark Hunt

Mark Hunt doesn't wear a watch he decides what time it is.

Mark Hunt can travel back in time 3 hours just by thinking about pineapples. Phone Post

The Earth sticks to Mark Hunt via a force called gravity. Phone Post

Mark Hunt can kill two stones with one bird. Phone Post

The best was "left had cemetery, right hand fish 'n chips"