Unknown Fighters= BEST UFC

Ok so the main and co main event was "BIG" fights

But EVERYONE ELSE, UNDERCARD AND ALL out-performed the biggest names in the sport last night

How gay was the whole tito-chuck thing last night? That looked a lil staged to me, real homo

I didnt mean Hermes or Diaz as unknowns...They are 2 of my favs


I will give you my opinion when i watch the PPV tonite (bushido)

Chuck is a very cool guy. That was just Tito being Tito. Chuck's reactions to Tito were great. O.K. whatever. I have always like Chuck as a fighter, but I am now a big fan of him after last night. Great fighter. Cool guy. One a different level than most right now.

When he was standing across from Sobral (who wanted so bad to just kick the shit out of him), Chuck was so confident. No cocky or anything. Just like he was on a different level as a fighter. Highly trained. Highly focused. No fear. No doubts. Hard to try put into words what I want to say here. That was a very dangerous man you were looking at it when he was standing across from Sobral before Big John let em' go.