Unlabored Flawlessness

Is it the most powerfl weapon in Ninja Gaiden?

Once you get it, should you use it the rest of the way?

I found that it was much like the other uber weapons.

I don't remember just using much more that after getting it.

I still love the warhammer, it was the most powerfull of all weapons it just was slow.

Hope they do one for the 360

I used the dragon sword and the other sword the whole way through, except for the part with the flying fish, and then I used the flail/nunchucks. Badass game. Now I can't wait to go home.

Dragon Sword is best all around - great combination of damage and speed.

Flails are the fastest.

Dabilahro is the hardest-hitting, but only a smidgen more than the UF. It's a decent bit stronger than the Warhammer, and in fact has almost all the WH's moves and then plenty more. The Hammer has one cool unique move, but the Dabi has 10 more that the Hammer doesn't, so it starts collecting dust once you get the Dabi and upgrade it fully. Dabi, UF, and Hammer are slow, though.

Lunar (staff) has the best combination of long reach and speed (flails are better up close).

However, that's just at any given moment. Where the UF *shines* is when your health goes down. Play with this for a bit, and you'll see what I mean. To pull some numbers out of my butt, let's assume that a single whack with the most powerful weapon, the Dabilahro, does 100 points of damage. A single whack from the UF might do 90 in comparison. However, if your health goes down to 25% or lower, the kanji (Japanese letters) on the UF will glow red, and it will do 50% more damage, so by using the above butt-numbers it would do 135 a pop. If your health gets critically low (can't remember if it's 10% or 5%), the kanji glow bright white, and the damage is doubled, so it would do 180 a pop. That makes it the strongest weapon in the game. Also, if you do a double charge move (Ultimate Technique, which is what you do by absorbing two yellow essences or one blue one or one red one), the UF will kill *anything* short of boss in one hit. Period. Even those big-ass red T-Rex looking demons, or the even bigger demons with a Triceratops face mask, or the Vigoorian Berserkers in NGB, all will fall in the blast radius.

If you're playing Ninja Gaiden and you use the UF on bosses while it's white, you can kill a boss in 2-3 combos. If you're playing Ninja Gaiden Black, they toned it down some, and it might take 4-5 combos. That's still a damn sight better than the 8-12 combos for the Dragon Sword or something else. You can tell the hardcore NG players by the way they allow a monster to chop them down to 5% health, and then they run through the rest of the level with the powered-up UF and crush everything that moves. You trade the risk of being killed in a single shot with the payoff that you can obliterate anything in your path very quickly. If your defense is very, very good, that's a sweet trade-off. If your defense sucks, it's suicide :-)

the best way to beat the flying fish is to jump and use the x attack with the dragon sword constantly, you'll never get hit


I think my defense is too weak to try that.  What about the true dragon sword and kitesu?

The move sets for those two swords are almost identical. The Ultimate Techniques are different (DS does more damage), while Kitetsu can be thrown (not much damage, though, you're better off relying on the bow, windmill shuriken, etc.), and Kitetsu can drain health from an enemy and transfer it to you. The amount you get is so small, though, that if you fight, say, three Black Spider Ninjas and they whack half your health away, if you drain all three of them to death, you probably won't get back to full health entirely. It kinda sucks that when Doku uses it on *you,* it drains you faster than a vacuum picking up dirt :-P

Also, it depends which game you're playing - if it's the first NG, Kitetsu drains your health slowly, and so you have to wear the bracelet that restores your health to cancel it out. In NG Black, the health draining is gone, and so you can wear s/t like the bracelet that amps up your damage output. So in a nutshell, it's a slightly better sword in NGB than it is in NG.