Uno fans sign in

Caol Uno that is.

Stoked to see him back. Uno by sub rd 1.


signed.  Mr. Fisher is getting subbed... 

Lets go UNO..

Checking in!


 I'm here, Uno wins

jongkiman - Uno by RNC, no brainer


Been a fan of uno for years. I believe it was Vale Tudo Japan maybe 1996 when he ko'ed a brazilian Ricardo Bothello after throwing many elbows to the thigh while in gaurd then just drilled the guy in the jaw rendering him unconcious was great GNP...

raises hand here.





 ttt for Carol Onu.

Uno by Choke Sleeper


lays down wild card and gets stink eye from everyone


 ttt for UNO

I dont think there is anything wrong with his chin. After seeing Andre Didas discombobulating power in k-1 i feel fisher wont ko him

uno !!!!