Uno vs Hansen!!!

Holy crap. I just saw the Uno/Hansen fight. That was the fight of the year so far. I can't believe how good Uno was fighting, he hasn't fought that way for a long time and he was kicking ass. Props to Hansen for taking him out at the last second.

How was the second round? I didn't get to see it.

Those guys have to have a rematch.

Please post details of the parts of the fight you saw.

That fight is what MMA is about

Hansen had game but Uno was dominating throughout. Then Hansen got a miracle knee in the last like 10 seconds when Uno was shooting for a double.

Is this fight on the net for download anywhere? Thanks.

In the first round it was mostly a ground battle with Uno on top alternating between trying to pass and gnp. All the takedowns in the round were from Uno. He had some really nice gnp.

2nd round was Uno again doing alot of grappling. Hansen had his back once or twice and took Uno down once, Uno reversed everything. Uno threatened with a RNC a little but nothing deep and no hooks except maybe one. Again nice Gnp from Uno and he managed to pass Hansens guard a few times. A couple times he had Hansen in crazy positions where he couldn't defend his face and was blasting him with punches.

Uno has the fight locked up for a unanimous dec and he looks to the clock, looks back to his fight and bam knee in the face. Very dissapointing to see him lose on a hail mary. I think he just got a little confident.

Totally needs a rematch although Hansen would be wise not give him one due to how bad he was getting beaten.


Someone posted the fight on the mmaweekly forums but it only showed rounds 1 and 3.

I agree that it is fight of the year so far.

Most of the fight was spent with Hansen on his back and Uno looking to pass and both guys were very aggressive and active. I would say that Uno was clearly ahead until he got KTFO (so not like it really matters who WAS ahead) as although Hansen was still quite active off his back with upkicks and sub attempts, he never had any good sub attempts that caught Uno and although he got Uno's back about 2 or 3 times, Uno, as he's shown time and time again, was able to reverse back to guard pretty quickly without Hansen able establish the position and mount any offence (attempt RNC, etc) from there.

Uno spent more time on offence imo on pass attempts and GNP imo. Although he was never able to really pass, he made a lot of exciting attempts from the standing position. He did manage to catch Hansen out of position a few times and get some descent GNP (nothng brutal but still significant). Uno did manage 2 good sub attempts in round 3: one kimura and one RNC attempt and even tried a cartwheel pass towards the end (which he kinda got momentarily but Hansen was always able to et guard again).

With about under 30 seconds to go, both fighters stood, with the already infamous moment of Uno looking to look at the clock or his corner, and its not like Hansen kneed him while still looking away, Uno probably had a second or 2 squared up before Hansen threw it but he obviously should have not done that and let himself get caught like that. It is possible that he might have been in the process of shooting again, but its not clear. All thats clear was that Uno was laid out cold from Hansen's beautiful knee and Hansen pulled off a super rare MMA moment of a last second comeback finish win.

So, if it went the distance, would Uno have clearly won?

Fabes: Easily!!!