Uno vs. Kawajiri???

This fight was a draw but how did it really go down?

Ive seen pics with Kawajiri having Uno's back. Was it close, really should have been a draw or...?

I believe that was Uno's return fight to Shooto. After that, he beat Javier Vasquez in a grappling match (most people here thought Javi would school him).

Whats next for Uno? Theres a shitload of people for him to fight in Shooto but what about a rematch with Franca maybe?

Btw, what is Kawajiri's background? A strait Shooto guy or freestyle wrestler....?

Actually, on the sherdog galleries, Kawajiri had the mount too.

Uno looked to have a ankle of knee lock attempt...


R1 and 2 was mostly Kawajiri trying to get his standup going....and Uno trying like hell to get Kawajiri to the floor, but almost always ended up in the clintch. Uno hit Kawajiri with some really nice leg kicks from inside the clinch for the first 2 rounds that seemed to take a lot out of Kawajiri.

In R3 Kawajiri managed to get a takedown off a scramble, and started unloading with punches on Uno's head. Even getting Uno's back and unloading more very hard punches before the bell rang (Uno got saved by the bell for sure)

Kawajiri has been around for a while now. He started off his pro career with a loss to Takumi (KOTC champ) by rear naked choke. And then after a draw with Yohei Suzuki won 7 matches in a row, finishing all but 1 of his opponents. Then lost a decision to Shaolin.

Since then Kawajiri has gone 5-0-1. he TKO'ed Takumi in a re-match from Kawajiri's pro debut, beat Yves Edwards by decision, TKO'ed Ryan Bow, Drew with Uno, TKO'ed Mindaugas Laurinatis, and TKO'ed Shaolin in December to win the Shooto Welterweight (155) Title.

A rematch between these two would be awesome. Kawajiri is on a tear.

So, Einux would you have given the decision to Kawajiri then?

What about Uno's leg lock attempt, significant or...?

Anyone on his background?

its been a while since Ive seen the fight (I dl'ed it)

From what I can remember of the fight, I thought a draw was a good decision. Uno won the first 2 rounds 10-9 imo, and Kawajiri won a 10-8 in R3 making the score 28-28.

So was Kawajiri able to stuff most of Uno's takedown attempts in r. 1,2?

I think he dropped Uno in one of the rounds with a punch.

I saw the fight a few days ago, and thought that a draw was fairly
generous to Uno. But I wasn't terrribly surprised by the draw.