UNO will smoke Takoro


uno smokes takoro like a blunt

i dont know about that.. but he just beat pequeno. so has to be somewhat crazy.

if he beats pequeno and uno back to back.

ill consider him the best at 155

I predict a nice GnP by UNO

but i'm not writing Takoro off. Never heard of the guy until the pequeno fight but he looked very impressive.

I'm pulling for takoro, i'm a sucker for the poor man.

takoro would get beat by pequeno imo if they eer rematched

Tokoro, not Takoro.

Tigger, you're thinking of Takumi Yano.

Tokoro is a crazy grappler, however. He's like Rumina Sato on crack. I've never seen anyone transition like him on the ground. Go to and check out the videos they have. Tokoro is in some of them. The guy is fast as all hell. (Check out the video called "GT-F")

Tokoro is a 145 lb fighter. He seems to have a lot of trouble with fighters at 155 lbs.

Hey Ryan, is Yano still fighting these days? Last I remember he fought a bit in Zst, but I haven't heard anything from the Oriental Mystery. I miss him and his mustache.

Uno all the way.

Yano fights in Pancrase.He won his last fight.He is undefeated in Pancrase.

Yep, Yano's been fighting in Pancrase. He stopped fighting in ZST after Morkevicius slammed him viciously and broke his collarbone (and KO'd him). Yano recovered, and is 4-0 in Pancrase since his return (3 MMA fights and 1 grappling match). All by submission.

His striking has even improved. No shit. His takedowns still suck, but his boxing is halfway decent now.

Yano is one of the "strangest" fighters in the game. He's like Sudo but even worse. He wore socks in his zst matches. In his match with Mork, he's on his hands and feet like a bear "walking" backwards and throwing these back kicks as he moves toward Mork.

wait who's that guy who was even stranger than yano.... him and yano basically had a slap fight in the middle of their fight.

uno rules


totaljerkface, you're thinking of


that's right pigpen... haha..... that guy is amazing

Uno is training hard! I saw him and talked to him two days ago! <3 ! He wouldn't let me interview him, though, unless I go through the office, damnit!!

rox...holy shit do you talk to uno on a constant basis.?

praise the elf!

i hope hes training hard.

I loved Yano's bizarre-off with Umeki, that was classic.

Ryan, I can't believe Yano actually has good striking. I'd love to see his pancrase fights then... Glad to hear he made it back after that fucking vicous slam by Mork.

I wouldn't say it's "good" but it doesn't suck anymore either. :) He actually backed Takita against the ropes with a short left hook counter. I had to rewind the tape to make sure I saw it correctly.

Yano/Umeki is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of fight. LOL @ everything about it. I think my favorite moment was when Umeki landed a takedown off of his backflipping leg lock attempt, then got up and raised his arm in celebration mid-fight. LOL.

I wanna see Uno rematch Franca, anyone else?

Uno/Franca 1 was a great fight. I'd like to see a rematch. Franca landed one of the best throws in MMA history in that one.

BTW, here's a couple of pics from Yano's latest fight. WTF is Yano doing?

Blue namer help, please.

Does he wear socks in his Pancrase matches?