unOfficial AffirmativeAction white Advantage?

'the Man' still at it????

while throwing rocks from his glass house and pointing fingers at the lazy ethnics who just needs to work harder and ANYONE can be a great success too in USA........unofficial AffirmativeAction advantage benefits White People too and keeps secure the top place of 'the Man'?????

"Harvard Is Being Accused Of Treating Asians The Same Way It Used To Treat Jews

Harvard University
and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill were both sued last month for allegedly discriminating against Asian-American students in their undergraduate-admissions policies.

The lawsuits, filed by newly formed nonprofit group Students for Fair Admissions, claim Harvard and UNC's race-based affirmative-action policies hurt the admissions chances of Asian-American students. Notably, the lawsuit against Harvard argues that the Ivy League university "is using racial classifications to engage in the same brand of invidious discrimination against Asian Americans that it formerly used to limit the number of Jewish students in its student body."------

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so 'the Man' punishes hard work and academic achievement? He does not want an intelligent population of ambitious Oriental people and would prefer they are all only working restaurants?

and what would happen if black Americans began to excel in academic achievement same as sports.....would he feel threatened and use an Affirmative Action option against them too? He complains the ghetto and welfare....but maybe he really likes the statistics as they are ;)

and Mexicans......are they only allowed for restaurants, housekeepers, and lawn service?

"By 1926, Harvard moved away from admissions based strictly on academics to evaluating potential students on a number of qualifiers meant to reveal their "character."-------

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so who is REALLY benefiting from 'Affirmative Action'????