Unorthodox Positions & Attacks DVD Just Released

 Hi Guys

I recently did a seminar on Unorthodox BJJ Positions and Sneak Attacks.  I figured that topic deserved special treatment because I'm of the opinion that this material isn't often taught, or not taught very well.

So for this seminar I hired a professional videographer and a professional editor, and together we turned a 3 hour seminar into a kick ass 88 minute DVD.  It's full of solid techniques, sneak attacks, combinations and principles.

And just to make this material even more easy to implement, I produced an Illustrated Seminar Outline for the people who did the seminar.  And I'm going to include it as a download that you can get onto your computer and/or print out within minutes of your purchase.

So far I've got a lot of great feedback from the seminar.  And I'm going to ignore the few semi-joking, semi-serious requests from people asking me NOT to put out the DVD so that they could keep the information to themselves. ;-)

Also on a personal note, I'm very happy with how this project turned out.  I really think that it will give people an 'unfair' advantage on the mats.  The whole idea is to trap your opponent in a solid but unorthodox position, and then tap him out with a submission that he doesn't see coming.

You can get more information about the DVD and Seminar Outline available here:


Stephan Kesting

P.S.  I'm having an introductory sale on this package, but I'm only going to keep it going until Saturday May 23rd (I leave town the next day and the price will go up for sure).


 Sounds awesome man!

 On a related note, a few months ago I experimented with a payment plan for one of my products. A bunch of those packages were quickly snapped up and it's gone smoothly since then, so I'm bringing back and expanding the installment plan to include some of my most popular instructional packages.

But it's only for a short time. That's because it requires additional manual processing which is much easier if I can do it all batched together.

So the payment plan is here until Saturday May 23rd at midnight. After that I'll shut it down again.

There are 5 packages available by this option:

* The Roadmap for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

* The Grapplearts 8 DVD Deluxe Set

* Guard Sweeps Package

* Leglocking Package

* Unorthodox Positions & Sneak Attacks

You can find out more at


Stephan Kesting


 We've had a few issues with the shopping cart rejecting international orders - the problem was that there was an incorrect setting in the shopping cart.  My programmer has been on it and that should be fixed now!

But all this means that people outside North America might not have been able to order the Unorthodox Positions DVD at the release price, so I think that the only fair thing to do is to extend the sale FOR EVERYONE for another couple of days.

My apologies to anyone who tried to order but couldn't

Stephan Kesting


ttt for Stephen Kesting, a true student of the game!

 Thanks for the support guys, much appreciated!