Unreal 2K4 is FUN and I didn't...

... think I'd like it at all.

I'm like, yeah, just another shoot 'em up click fest. I don't know what it is about this game but it is very, very fun.

Good graphics, cool weapons, interesting gameplay (a BIG suprise to me).

I'm more a fan of the slower paced tatical shooters so I just wasn't expecting much. Wrong.

DL the demo and hit a server!

This game is going to be a lot of fun when it's released in its full glory. Hi res and full details is going to be yummmmmmmmmmmmy.

Gameplay is going to be ACE!

Let's hold our breath 'til we get Tsuneo's full review. j/k mate!

You guys try all the different game modes? Onslaught is going to be fun as hell. We HAVE to get a 5on5 server going.

I'm in for some 5v5 action.

Hey someone tell me what button is the secondary shot for Farcry so I can remap it.

Onslaught does rule.