Unstoppable counter to Twister

The unstoppable counter ??
Pepper Spray.
Live and learn guys--train all you want and it all comes down to
pepper spray after all...just as I suspected.

HeHeHehheheh good one..

pah. Pepper spray works on cats and other pussies. Guys in the special forces inhale that for shits and giggles. Mustard gas is where its at.

What I've seen work consistently is to get the crowd behind you by pumping your fist or stamping your foot. Your opponent will then start to shake his head as if to say no, and you hip throw him.

The only way this can fail is if your opponent grabs the rope for added leverage.

LMAO @ Trent!

The shit aint no joke guys!
Go ahead tough guys....try it out at home..just try to defend it.
Pepper Spray is Roylers only foreseeable chance at Eddie

Let's be honest, Eddie is great on the mat, very good. But, the only chance that Royler needs is a rematch.
I also have never seen any person enjoy pepper spray, that includes special force members.

Royler is yesterday--Eddie the future!!!