Unsung heroes of the real world

In this thread, we salute the people who are the unsung heroes of the real world. Those among us who serve a purpose so important yet so unappreciated…

People like:
Crossing guards- keeping kids safe every single day.

Who are the unsung heroes you notice in your every day life? Phone Post 3.0

Those brave brave men and women that attempt to make public toilets sanitary. Phone Post 3.0

Garbagemen and cleaners, we would be neck deep in shit without them.



I don't see them in my everyday life (only if i go to the farmers market), but i say Farmers, for growing food and raising livestock to feed all of us. They don't get much hespect, but they really should. Phone Post 3.0

The people who pick up roadkill, especially this time of year if you live anywhere with a decent deer population.


Also, the people who clean the sewers... We would literally be in deep shot without them doing their jobs.... Phone Post 3.0

Phone Post 3.0


kingofpancakes80 - Puck.
Phone Post 3.0

kingofpancakes80 - Puck.

Sorry, wrong puck. Phone Post 3.0