Until Shirtless Tito

I'm sorry, I just want to share this before it's deleted.

 Shirtless Tito Ortiz to face Shirtless Matt Hamill at UFC 121

Those pics are full of BEEP.

Lol, Jupes, it was better pre-edit. We could have laughed at everyone that was so puzzled over your empty post.

Zedlepln - 

Those pics are full of BEEP.


lol true

Tito and Jenna got married?


 Nah Jupes I was not trying to correct you. I was actually wondering. 

They are dating. You just saved me some fake reporter cred.

 Well to be fair, they been doing more than dating, if you know what I mean (nudges Jupes with elbow to the ribs and winks). 

Say no MORE! He said to him knowingly!

 All this news of Tito, and he still has the audacity to not post in the ATTN: FUTA1 thread ...

heavy sigh

I am disappoint.