Unusual convo about JJ I had

Hey folks. Last night I was with a girl (it does happen), and while discussing interests, I talked to her about Jiu Jitsu. She seemed interested and asked a lot of questions about it, but it got a bit murky when I basically said, there are three main areas in JJ, on the ground anyway, which are the top game, the bottom game, and the guard game. Now she just couldn’t grasp the difference between the bottom and the guard!

So would anyone disagree with me with this synopsis, the bottom game is where you have an opponent on top of you, in an advantageous position, and you are generally on your back, so your goal is to get out of that position, to get to a better position. The guard however, is where you are on your back, but you have one or both legs in between you and your opponent, where they can be used to attack, sweep, improve position etc.

This has made things a bit muddled for me, is it me with a poor understanding, or poor explanation, or was she winding me up maybe? Thats my take in describing the guard position anyway.

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Just call them consensual and nonconsensual positions.



I think something similar to this.

I don’t use the exact terminology or criteria you do. Instead of “on your back with one or both legs between you and your opponent” I go by “on your side (not pinned flat on shoulders and hips) and with some kind of frame stopping them from pinning you flat (z guard, knee shield, half butterfly, k guard, ect)”

It gets more complicated if you consider back and turtle. Back mount is not really top position. And turtle top isn’t really top position.


women have dog brains


You gotta take your shot at a woman like that, doesn’t matter how bad the shot is or how bad her reaction may/will probably be.

A man’s got to take a shot at that.


My technique Excel doc. breaks down into 17 positions. Granted, Weapons and Standing are two of them, and Leg Lock Defenses and Leg Locks are two more and separate ways I look at leg locks, but if all you’re breaking it down to is top game and bottom game that girl better up her game when it comes to processing what you’re talking about.

Regardless, however you conceptualize JJ is how you conceptualize JJ. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks or does, so long as it works for you.


Shoot your damned shot. But don’t talk about Jiu-Jitsu with good looking chicks. They don’t want to hear that. Better yet, don’t talk about BJJ with any strangers. Shit, I don’t even want to talk about BJJ with you.


No one – especially women – wants to be trapped in a conversation about your hobbies.

I don’t discuss jiu jitsu with anyone outside of jiu jitsu.

I don’t want to have those idiotic conversations anymore. You know the conversation, it’s always the same. Where I live, so many people train jiu jitsu, seeing someone in a BJJ shirt is commonplace. It’s almost like having a conversation with a dude just because he has a skateboard. No thanks.

BEST case scenario: she thinks you’re talking about that “Afro-Brazilian dance martial art” she doesn’t know the name of and is interested for about 20 seconds, until she finds out that’s not what you’re talking about.


This is how I feel.

Honestly outside of my students I don’t want to talk about BJJ with anyone under a few years of training. I don’t have the life energy to hear them tell me what pearl of wisdom they learned from Lachlan’s Instagram or how they’re getting good at buggy chokes and catching people with them. And by people they usually mean trial class guys.

When I’m older hopefully I’ll calm down. But nothing saps my spirit more than some fucking white belt going “Ryan Hall says shrimping is stupid, and if you really think about it, he’s right!” Or “yeah I don’t think double outside ashi is real, Lachlan proved you’ll just get your back taken” or whatever retarded shit they think is a fascinating revelation they just learned.

I know, I was the same guy a decade ago. But it fucking crushes my soul to talk to these people.


Lol where i work i get the random blue and white belt come in about once a week and tell me about how they hurt themselves training bjj and that i should give it a try if i haven’t already. I usually humor them and am like wow that’s crazy how long you been training. It’s always under a year or so lol and most are “professional grapplers” and at best are out of shape 35-40yo blue belts.

I just mind my business and go about my work. A few will ask me if and where i train and I’ll answer but i won’t bring it up on my own

Good thing is i have to rush them out the door to the next room so they can be seen so i don’t have to spend too much time with them.

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Fight 2 Win figured out you could pay shitty blue belts $100 and they would sell tickets to all their retarded friends who hear them talk and think they’re good.



Real BEST case scenario is she thinks you’re talking about BBJ’s (bare blow jobs) and she’s into it.

I wouldn’t know anything about Craig Jones and ADCC & CJI if it weren’t for a couple of my white belts. One in particular. I learn what’s happening in BJJ when I get to class and they ask, “Hey, did you hear about…?” and I have never heard about whatever it is. They are so immersed in this online BJJ world that I am just not really into.

I guess it gives them a feeling of connection to something bigger than themselves, but training in the martial arts is about you and what you are doing. Not what distant people are doing. That’s fandom or something. You shouldn’t confuse following what’s going on in the online jiu jitsu world with practicing jiu jitsu. Totally different things.


A blue belts told me he had a question about the “dog bar” submission. I literally had no fucking clue what he was talking about. Turns out it’s the cool new name for the kneebar from over/under pass and he was trying it all fucked up. I told him to stay off Reddit. It’s for homosexuals.


I’ve been doing a counter/escapes q&a at the end of class lately and have had a few questions about how to get out of submissions they had no idea how to do. I’d say, “I’m not sure what you’re describing. Put me in it.” and they’d say, “I don’t know how to do it, I just want to learn to escape it.”

Of course, these are things they’ve only encountered online.

That’s one way the internet has really changed learning BJJ; “virtual jiu jitsu” rather than “actual jiu jitsu” occupies a lot of beginner headspace.


This is actually a real thing. I just heard a lame ass clip from a podcast where some Danaher wannabe dork was saying the the idea of an instructor has become obsolete. With the internet and the Ecological approach an instructor isn’t needed. They literally think they can watch videos and fart around trying to figure shit out. Maybe go to seminars and travel to train somewhere once in a while. Sound familiar?

Ironically that’s how most of us started 30yrs ago with VHS tapes and a garage. We all know how bad we fucking sucked until a Brazilian moved to town.


Yeah, exactly…

Most people CAN’T learn to be really effective exclusively from video. Sure you can learn some things, no doubt, especially if you are a more gifted learner or more experienced at BJJ.

But anyone who teaches jiu jitsu knows the frustration of correcting the same students over and over and over because they can’t perceive what they are doing wrong. It takes time and usually many corrections until they start correcting themselves.

Most students just can’t see the difference between what they think they are doing and what they are actually doing.


I didn’t really get to a point where I could actually learn from videos until purple/brown.

And it’s so much worse now because these new people aren’t even learning from Gracie University or instructionals or books, they’re just seeing these 1 minute clips or shorts or reels or whatever the fuck they’re called, and people make them the most clickbaity garbage techniques to show them.

I teach the morning class and I’m ruthless with telling my regulars what is Instagram nonsense and what’s not. Especially people who compete or fight, I tell them in no uncertain terms what is and isn’t retarded.

If a chick has anything to do with bjj or mma I’m not interested.