Upcoming AFA events

American Fighting Association is a new organization and we're looking to find fighters for our upcoming events. We have promoted 1 show so far this past summer in Waterloo, Iowa. The fights were great and we crowned our lightweight, middleweight, light-heavyweight, and heavyweight champions. We are now planning a whole line-up of future events in which we will find three more champions and get our organization out and running as a legitimate event.
AFA Schedule:

November 26th in Owatonna, MN at The Jungle. "AFA:Holiday Showdown" 10 professional ultimate fights featuring Travis Fulton.

December 6th in Mason City, Iowa at The North Iowa Fairgrounds. "AFA: Round 2" 10 professional ultimate fights featuring Joe Jordan and Travis Fulton.

January 3, 2004 in Owatonna, MN at The Jungle. "AFA: Battle for the Belts Round 2" 3 tournaments for the Bantomweight belt, the Super Heavyweight belt, and the Women's Title.

January 24, 2004 in Waterloo, Iowa at The Pavilion. "AFA: Return of the Champions" All of the AFA champions return to defend their titles for the first time.

Current AFA Champions

Lightweight 150-169 lbs John Strawn 26-0

Middleweight 170-184 lbs Scott Ventimiglia 18-5-2

Light Heavy 185-204 lbs Clayton Miller 42-25-1

Heavyweight 205-250 lbs Travis Fulton 135-34-8

We also have our first event available on video tape. 13 action packed fights professionally taped and edited. $20.00 plus $5.00 shipping and handling. Just email us and let us if interested.

1. Nick Leohr vs Brad Jones

2. John Hoppes vs Matt Wiese

3. John Strawn vs Todd Murphy

4. Scott Ventimiglia vs Dayton Ericson

5. Don Shea vs Shawn Nolan

6. Karima Bennett vs Davey Conger

7. Clayton Miller vs Matt Albright

8. Kevin Oliver vs Jason Miller

9. Brian Dunn vs Dave Goddard

10. Travis Fulton vs Lewis Burns

11. Gabe Jotz vs Brian Robinson

12. Clayton Miller vs Davey Conger

13. Travis Fulton vs Brian Dunn


Hey I would love to get some of our guys on your card. Could we talk when you get a chance about maybe your January events? Good Luck with everything you have going on! Email: Lynn@RenzoGracie.com


Renzo Gracie Association

Actually this is Travis Fulton's event.I just posted this press release for him because he doesn't get on th ePG.

I will pass your info on to him though and have him get ahold of you.Thanks,Clayton Miller

Between you and me I think it would be a great addition to have your guys in the January event as this will be my first fight back after overcoming injury

I think I'll change MY name to

Wednesday, it's all goin down in Minnesota!

Well, how did it go in Minnesota?


Thanks for passing that along. I haven't heard from him as of yet,
but have some guys who are ready to go. Can you email me his
contact info? I'll contact him as well.


Renzo Gracie Association

Travis has hanged the schedule.I will post the new one