Upcoming FREE triangle 3 hour instructional

I'm currently filming a free instructional set for youtube, on the triangle.
So far its amounted to about 2 hours long, in two parts, still filming more stuff however.

Do any of you guys have any requests? Any specific questions regarding the triangle in all of its variations. Escapes, specific problems youd like addressed etc.
Let me know and I'll try and get it in the set.

Going up on youtube in the coming weeks.

In the mean time heres a few videos of myself teaching triangle related stuff in class, hopefully you may find it useful

The guard - Breaking posture and securing the angle.

Reverse triangle from Back mount

set ups, set ups and more set ups

Defending and escaping.
troubleshooting common problems. and not so common as well.
I'll keep a look out for your you tube vid.
are you simonboulteruk on youtube?

Ttt Phone Post

 Something Ryan Hall hasn't already shown.