Upcoming GC Releases

I'm pretty excited about some of the GC releases that are coming out soon. Mario Tennis, Paper Mario, new Metroid, Tiger Woods 2005, Xmen Legends... it's going to be hard to pick which ones to buy now and which ones to wait for xmas

The next Resident Evil looks amazing. It's finally making some big changes to the series and I like what I've seen.

I'm also looking forward to DonkeyKonga. It's just the right kind of ridiculous.

how could i have forgot DonkyKonga?! i'm definately getting that

here's IGN's top 5 GameCube holiday releases:

1)Donky Konga - September 27th

2)Paper Mario - October 11th

3)Baten Kaitos - November 16th

4)Mario Tennis - November 8th

5)Metroid 2 - November 15th

Any Mario Golf sequels coming soon?

Mario Tennis looks great, that is my pick for the must get game.