Upcoming interview I will be posting

Hey guys, I am going to post soon an interview with Kywan Gracie Behring. Kywan is the son of the late Marcelo Behring,considered back in the 80's/90's,the number two fighter in BJJ (right under his instructor,Rickson Gracie) and was part of the BJJ vs Luta Livre war back then. I will be post as soon as I get it all together.

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Update: Kywan has had a couple issues come up,one being a hurt ankle and running an Academy,so its going to take a little longer to get me the info. If you want to see Marcelo Behring in action,Look on youtube for his match with Flavio Molina,a Tae Kwon Do/Luta Livre fighter. Old Tudo! It is on the Gracie in Action DVD also.

Here's a cool match with Marcelo Behring vs Cassio Cardoso