Upcoming K-1 card

K-1 Awesomeness! from Saitama Super Arena

Mike Tyson vs. Bob Sapp

Larry Holmes vs. Mike Bernardo

Peter McNeeley vs. Ernesto Hoost

Pinklon Thomas vs. Musashi

Lou Brouillard vs. Remy Bonjansky

Randal "Tex" Cobb vs. Sam Greco

Maurad Hakkar vs. Emperor Hirohito

Archie Moore vs. Rick Roufus

I wouldn't doubt it...

I want to see the legendary Philadelphia Sea Monster on a K-1 card.

I'd hate to be the sacrificial lamb they throw in there with him.

How about the battle of the Silvas? Montanha Silva vs. Giant Silva.

I hear that Archie Moore is going to face Lyle Alzado in a NHB match. Rick Roufus pulled out.

I guess that Jack Dempsey was asking for too much money for the Kimo bout to be made huh?


good joke thread.

Jack Dempsey was scheduled to take on Kimo but never flew to Japan. Imamu Mayfield might be taking his place.

OMFG, Emperor Hirohito vs Murad Hakkar...