Upcoming pride, what time GMT?

I live in sweden and i will try to adjust my disc and watch the Pride GP on croatian NOVA tv. But the times are ALWAYS an issue here... Could someone tell me when the event start, if we talk GMT......?

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Ok how about this: The Pride website says 9:00 PM eastern, 6:00 pacific, Can anyone tell me what that MEANS..? And I do the math myself. But eastern, is that like los angeles time? New York? Ulan Bataar?

Eastern is GMT-5 therefore 9pm Eastern is 2am GMT

Thank you, Cockneyblue. That would make it.. lets see... in the middle of the night, too late to stay up, too early to get up... I guess it is adjusting the disc in the evening and get a few hours of shut-eye before it all breaks loose. What dont you do to watch it live.

"this channel can be watched by europeans who have sattelite recievers.
nova tv can be found on Amos 1 at 4.0?W, 11359 H, SR3350, FEC 3/4
the tournament is starting at 6:30 london time..."

"Does this mean @630 pm london time?"

"Around that time yes"

Posts from sherdog.com. Does this mean the show will not be Live? If they are not sending it out live it seems strange to still broadcast it early in the morning. (8.30) Ah well.

The event starts @ 2:00PM Tokyo Time = 7:00AM in Sweden

The U.S. Show will not be live, I suspect the Croatian show will.

Thanx for the help guys, unfortunately i was unable to find the amos1 sattelite with my disc, so i wil not see it live after all. I guess i will have to download it somehow... Stay off the news until i get to watc the event. My money is on silva and nog.