Upcoming WWE dvd's

credit pwinsider.com-

The 7/27 Chris Benoit DVD will now be a 2 disc set while the 9/28 Eddie Guerrero DVD is now scheduled to be a single disc release.

Upcoming releases for 9/14 are "Bleeps, Bloopers & Bodyslams" and a one hour Shawn Michaels DVD titled "Boyhood Dream."

Currently in production are a 2 disc Undertaker: "From the Vault" title and The Rock's Greatest Hits. There are no scheduled release dates yet for the titles.

There are no updates on the scheduled Bret Hart Collection and Four Horsemen DVDs. The Hart DVD may be bumped to 2005, although they are hoping for a November release. The Rise and Fall of ECW DVD is still on November, and is still confirmed to be a two-disc set.

The DVD of Wrestlemania XX is scheduled to be release this coming week and can be ordered now at the PWInsider.com Online Store.

Finally they start producing shit that people want to see.

benoit, guererro, horsemen, ECW??

That's good stuff right there.

I watched the Flair dvd. It was good. had a small horsemen chapter. It was GREAT!! can't wait for that one.

They need a bobby the brain dvd.