Upcomn Fights 2 Get Excited About

This list is Non-UFC fights 2 get excited about:

Vernon White vs Mike Whitehead(IFL)

JZ Calvacanti vs Masato(k-1)K-1 rules

Butterbean vs Tengiz Teodarze(CageRage)

Mario Sperry vs Lee Hasdell(CageRage)

Herb Dean vs Dave Legeno(CageRage) Legeno beat Severn & Kimo lets see what happens against the UFC ref

Jorge Masvidal vs Yves Edwards(BoDog)

Trevor Prangley vs Yuki Kondo(BoDog)

Chael Sonnen vs Amar Suelov(BoDog)

Bill Mahood vs Erick Paulson(BoDog)

Mighty Mo vs Semmy Schilt(K-1)K-1 rules

Babulu vs. Frank Mir(Tuff-n-uff)Submission rules

Kimbo Slice vs Ray Mercer(CFFC)

Nick Serra vs Mike Varner(CFFC)

Frank Shamrock vs Phil Baroni(Strikeforce)

Ninja vs Joey Villasenor(Strikeforce)

Tony Frycklund vs Cung Le(Strikeforce)

New Era Fighting in so cal July w/ Kimo

Summer Action!!

I forgot Art Of War

Mario Rinaldi vs Ron Waterman

Jeremy Horn vs Jorge Santiago

Ricco Rodriguez vs Pe De Pano

Pedo Rizzo vs Jeff Monsoon

Jake Shields vs forgot the guys name

Sick fights 2 watch for TRUE MMA fans!

Uocoming ass to get excited about:

Thats a nice married ASS

Other than a few of the Art of War fights, none of those listed matchups are particularly interesting.

Almost everyone on that list has fought PRIDE or UFC.

Thats some great non UFC bouts!..

Cant wait 4 the IFL playoffs...

Super Zab Judah vs. Miguel Cotto-Saturday!!!

^hell to the no. Nice list Almanac

Excited about Erik Paulson return..

lol at being excited for a Butterbean fight.

I didn't know about alot of those, thanks dude.

These fights are defenitly worth being excited 4. Butterbean fight will be worth watching, hes entertaining IMO.

Look out for some great fight this summer (That are not UFC/ZUFFA fights)

Cabbage vs Josh Thomson(CageRage)

I also heard a lil something of Fedor fighting Rulon Gardner

JZ Calvacanti vs Masato(k-1)K-1 rules

Looking forward to this one!!

Ninja vs. Joey will be good.

I hope Babalu gets back on track.

ttt for the IFL.


Ok, here is my fight that I think could be a great fight.
Bodog Vancover: Steve Steinbeiss (ACS) VS Moise Rimbon

I will start taking bets..........................

bodog vancover whos on that card??

"Vernon White vs Mike Whitehead(IFL)
Are you serious about looking forward to this one?"

Yes. Idiots that base Whitehead's fighting career on his one shitty fight TUF are missing out. And although VTW's performances are sometimes, spotty, he always throws down. Remember Chack vs VTW? That was a classic.