update frrom rio

So i have been here for around 2 weeks.I have a enternal hangover over here,completly dried out.Went to Master jiu jitsu where rodrigo medeiros(comprido),ricardo viera and leo viero are instructors.Both comprido and ricardo viera are really nice guys.I took one class with ricardo viero and the level here in brasil is very high.Warmup was around 35 minutes and we did some drills after that.The sparring(wrestling) contained of 6 minutes rounds but after 3 rounds I was fucked,beeing hungover did not help.I was burning up.I got tapped north and south by the blue belts and purples.
I will go to a class today but i am hungover and i have never felt anything like it.I was seriously burning up.

More to come

sounds kewl man keep writing us some updates

my level is a white belt from ausse two stripes.

2 stripes - 1 for beer and 1 for tequila :)

Send me some Brazilian shit ya big goof ;) Anything over there fit you?


yeah stuff fit me over here,but i do not think that anything would fit you piggyboy:)

Had the ple4asure of rolling with ricardo viera yesterday and the guy is awesome.Had no chance at all;Everybody at the BJJ gym is very friendly too.I am enjoying myself.Even found a girl,a beautiful negresse(sp?).Nice face,nice ass and a horse in bed.

more to come my aussie friends.

PS:everybody is drinking constantly here.