update on Belforts' sister?

Does anyone know if there has been any news on Vitor's sister lately?It's been a couple of weeks and I haven't heard anything


ya think they would have listed some demands by now.

was what appropiate?

I don't thinkit was inappropraite.We should've heard something by now.It makes me think that either she is dead or else ran off as opposed to being kidnapped.

If she was kidnapped why haven't we heard from her kidnappers?

What is being called inappropriate?? I don't see the problem.

What wardog said Kneeunthaface thinks that was inappropriate.

Correct me if I'm wrong.

Yeah, I just don't see the problem with what he said.

If she was kidnapped for ransom, like it's been speculated, the kidnappers would have been heard from by now. She either ran away or she was murdered. People missing this long usually don't turn up alive.

Sad but true.

niether do I...lol at people who get offended so easily.....ttt for info on Vitor's sister though...


Keep in mind that in any ongoing police matter, the public doesn't always have access to all the information. So, there may be more information concerning demands or developments that is being withheld from us for a good reason.

That is fine but I don't think Warfrog meant anything by what he said and I don't think he deserved a verbal beating for saying it.he was just asking a simple question and it wasn't in bad taste

sheeesh! i didnt mean anything inappropiate. it seems to me if someone is kidnapped, for whatever reason, there would soon follow a list of demands.

i am curious if the kidnappers have done so, thats all. i pray for her safety as anyone else you overactive pansies.

hopefully all is well with his Sister

the comment that warfrog made is perfectly in line with what I have been thinking all along. If, in fact, kidnap for ransom was the motive, then a proof of life would have been delivered to the Belfort family by now. To the best of my knowledge, no such action has been taken. That pretty much sheds doubt on the kidnap theory.

These are the unfortunate realities of this case. Tough to deal with, but real nonetheless.

I cant believe he is fighting either. Sometimes i think he is here for damage control so the event doesnt suffer. I donot believe he can train 100% in this situation.

"I am fighting because it is what Priscila would want me to do." -Vitor Belfort.

I respect and support his decision. We each must do whatever it is we must do to deal with tragedy/crisis. Win or lose, Vitor Belfort has my complete respect.

Our prayers go out to his family.


Sad story - I hope for her safe return.

She may not have been kidnapped or abducted. Someone suffereing from a bi-polar disorder has a strong propensity to lapse into a confused and depressed state. Often, suicidal ideation is a component of that illness. That is an unfortunate reality, especially if the individual was not taking their medication.

Let's hope and pray that she is found safe.