Update on Crazy People I know

Ok, I was asked in another thread about updates on crazy people I know.

Here goes...


In early. Phone Post 3.0

Crazy sex freak guy:

Still in same status.

On lockdown by Wife. She took control of their joint finances and company. Has 3 kids with him.

Ex-Wife still in picture. Has kid with him, possibly 2 more.

Mistress just had his kid. Suing him.

Gay guy #1 suing him.

Gay guy #2 out of picture.

Religious alcoholic sex-addict woman.

Has sold all her worldly goods and has purchased plane ticket to Africa.

Going to meet her husband there. He went ahead.

Keeps sending me bible passages via facebook.

TFK_Fanboy - Missed first thread but in on this Phone Post 3.0

Maybe I should have made this an AMA thread.

Ok, I am not sure everyone knows what went on in other update threads so if you have questions, please ask.

I will try and give more of a background on these two.

saddamhugevein -

Holy shit! Lol Phone Post 3.0

Crazy guy:

Was married to ex-wife. Had kid. Cheated on ex-wife. Married woman he cheated with. had 3 kids. Continued to sex ex-wife on side. Had possible 2 more kids with ex-wife. Cheated on them both with gay guy. Then cheated on all of them with gay guy's ex-bf. Then cheated on them all with student intern and had kid with her.

Wife put him on lock down and assmed control of everything. He is being sued by mistress, ex-wife, and gay guy for financial supports.

No one has any STDs.

Crazy chick.

Was workout freak. Professional trainer. Gave it up.

Became alcoholic. Legal issues. Managed to get dry.

Became sex freak. Got into legal trouble. Gave up lifestyle.

Found God. Married a missionary. selling everything and moving to Africa.

That's as much as I currently know.


Def missed the first thread. How do u know these ppl? Back story on why u have so much detail. Thanks good sir... Phone Post 3.0

Lionpaws - Def missed the first thread. How do u know these ppl? Back story on why u have so much detail. Thanks good sir... Phone Post 3.0

There have been a few threads with updates. I post them as I know new info.

1) Crazy sex guy was a friend from high school. We fell out of friendship due to his weird ways but we work in a similar inductry and because of that, my friendship with his friends also with professional people and his constant attempts to get stuff out of me, I know more than I want to.

2) Crazy fitness/alcoholic/sex/missionary I used to work with.

DaveFu - 

If there was ever material to jerk off to, these two would be it. One guy is a sex addict for sure and the woman was into bdsm stuff that was so strange is freaked me out. (and I am an OGer)

TFK_BOZY - What about that old game? Did you ever find it!? Every time i see your name, i think of arcade games. Phone Post 3.0

I tried. I tried so hard to find the game. I went to a website with screen caps of every game they could think of. I spend weeks going through it.

I won't lie, I gave up.