Update on Eilers murdered Trial


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DJStudd - as an Englishman with no experience of guns , gun crime or gun related violence, this just baffles me.

no one needed to die in that situation.

that guy obviously saw big scary cage fighter Justin getting pissed off and decided to even the score.

thing is, a shit load of you will now come on this thread and try to tell me that....

if everyone else at that party was also carrying a gun then this never would have happened.

or someone could/should have shot the murderer before he killed Justin in cold blood.

or if Justin was carrying a gun he could have defended himself.

this is how it would have most likely played out in England.....

Justin gets pissed off and kicks off, old bloke kicks off back , old blokes gets slapped about a bit , Justin goes to jail, old bloke gets paid.

its not ideal but its a damn sight better than it played out in this case.

except in the usa old bloke did not get slapped about a bit, and he shouldnt get slapped about in his own home.

For fuck sake someone died. Should have told justin to get the fuck out of his house. If he didn't leave, his step dad should walked away, calmed down whatever the fuck, and when justin left the next day whenever, never let the dumb idiot back in his house. Or step father should have called the cops.

Instead the step dad will probably get sent to prision.
Step dad will get convicted on this one but I see the defence using the word 'cage fighter' and 'human cockfighting' a lot in his defence.

Archangel - Some people always carry their guns. They like it maybe they feel safer or more powerful that way who knows. There is nothing wrong with him carrying a gun at all especially in your own damn home.( Not to mention he is an ex cop/MP with a concealed permit.... There should also be no problem with killing someone who is a threat to your life or family in your own home.

But Malec said he would kill Justin if he got out of hand and that for me brings pre meditation...

But having said that Justin was a scary dude. When he gets pissed it is pretty scary. He was somewhat of a psychopath
#1 - Malec looks like a f*cking pu$$y.  Should not matter, but I can not get over how creepy this guy looks.

2 - There is no mention of Justin threatening Malecs life, or that of his families.

3 - Malec claimed to have seen Justin hit his mom, and that is why he fired.  Mom denies this ever happened.

4 - Malec was carrying a loaded semi-automatic .45 caliber handgun on his person while supposedly helping his wife clean the kitchen after Christmas dinner.  There are children present in the house at the time.  The live in NAMPA f*cking ID, not Compton or Brooklyn or Kabul (I bet fathers/ husbands who do live in compton, brooklyn, or kabul don't actually carry handguns on them in the house either).

5 - Malec looks, sounds and acts like a POS no balls having pu$$y.

There is no justification for Malecs actions.  Regardless of how big of a guy Justin is, how bad his attitude/ temper is, or his skill level - Malecs actions are the definition of excessive and I would also like to add completely unnecessary.

Malec shot his stepson in the chest while his mother stood maybe inches away.  Most likely premeditatively, most definitely NOT out of self defense.  Malec is a waste of space on this planet, and should be disposed of accordingly.



not uncommon in that area to walk around armed. CCpermits are basically a right that you have to do something bad to lose. i was living there when this happened. one of the hot topics at the time was the potential passing of a law that would allow "open carry". other states already have these laws on the books.

i know this nothing to the debate, but it seems alot of people just can't get their heads around the idea that anyone is just carrying a weapon out of habit.

"The evidence will show that Justin Eilers scared James Malec so much that he thought he was going to die."


Open and shut case.  What the dude did was over the top.  BTW, how can someone scare you when you're carrying a sidearm?  There is no unarmed man on this planet I would be afraid of if I was carrying a strap.  WTF? 

It's a damn shame is what it is!

No one on this website knows what happens or has access to the evidence. Lots of armchair judges here. Let the justice system work itself out. #1 Its not against the law to carry a firearm in your own home or almost anywhere if you have a permit. If you don't have a concealed permit you would have a hard time understanding this. #2 Its not against the law to go ape shit (if that's what Eilers did). "The guy looks..." Glad you're not on the jury. Doesn't matter what the guy looks like, tho he looks like an old and tired Jeff Monson.

If you've ever carried a gun (legally) you're first instinct is to de-escalate the situation/confrontation--not bust out your gun like billy bad ass and wave it around. If you're going to pull a gun you should be planning to pull the trigger--not intimidate. I don't know either one personally, but hope that the truth comes out.

There's the defense' side and there's the accuser's side. The truth lies somewhere in the middle, normally. We have an article writting by someone with second hand info. That's it.

Tough case for Malec to win imo.

Ausgepicht - "The evidence will show that Justin Eilers scared James Malec so much that he thought he was going to die."GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK.


Tragic case.

I bet the stepdad gets convicted, receives a middle of the road sentence, and gets out very early.

He will no longer be allowed to own a weapon.

Justin will stay very dead.

I have a CC Permit and this reaks of some drunk shit. As someone above said, if you are carrying the 1st rule is to defuse the situation. If you pull your gun out, you better fucking pull the trigger. Nothing worse then pulling a gun and not using it. There is no excuse to be impaired and still carrying your gun, as you may overreact and pull some cowboy shit. This occuring in the defedants house is probably where most of the leverage will be with the jurors. This could go either way depending on the jury make-up. Will the defense depict Justin as a Pit Fighting monster....most likely.
I hope somebody on the jury tranes UFC

'I'm dead, I'm dead. I love you, Mom."

Incredibly sad.

"Malec, a former military policeman and Canyon County jail deputy"

This guy was supposed to be experienced in dealing with hostile situations, and was trusted with carrying a loaded weapon around the public, yet he gets drunk on Christmas around his family carrying this gun and kills his stepson?



Would you feel the same way if the roles were reversed, and Justin Eilers was the one who shot and killed his drunken raging stepfather in a domestic dispute?

Would it make any difference to you if the killer was an MMA fighter and not the victim?

God, yes...

Drunken fights/disputes happen all the time at family gatherings. Rarely does anyone end up dying. Occasional fisticuffs, maybe, but a fatal wound center mass?! Shouldn't there have been something suggesting an attack by Eilers before a gun is fired. "Anger and drinking" don't really equate to a justifiable homicide. In fact, that would justify the killing of Malec wouldn't it?

So Jeff Monson killed Eilers? I don't get it.

Quik - 'I'm dead, I'm dead. I love you, Mom."

Incredibly sad.

I was just about to post the same thing. Damn, that's awful to read.

Quik - 'I'm dead, I'm dead. I love you, Mom."

Incredibly sad.

yeah this really gets me, I mean can you imagine...

An incredibly sad situation.  From what we've heard (obviously not all the facts, forensics, etc.) it seems that Justin did nothing to provoke the attack other than yell and argue.  And it sounds like he was shot in the back while heading towards the front door to talk with his mom.  Assuming all of that is remotely backed up with evidence/testimony, and the only one saying otherwise is the shooter, then I think this is a pretty simple case.

Malec gets life or the DP depending.

"There should also be no problem with killing someone who is a threat to your life or family in your own home."

Herein lies the whole point of what will be the argument. Our legal system isn't perfect, but it will certainly try to root out the simple question "Did he act reasonably to a credible and eminent threat?" Why was he carring the gun at the time? When did he strap it on? Did the deceased ever assault or threaten them before? Did he ask for help? Did he call the police? Did he warn him to leave before he shot? This will go on and on. None of us were there, but anyone who things the "castle doctrine" is cut and dried in this case, is incorrect. From what I've read, he'd better get a good lawyer. This will make history though, as it will show if or how the defense is able to portray Justin as a rabid pitbull, MMM fighter, madman. If I were the lawyer, that's what I'd go for, at the risk of sounding obvious.

As much as Justin sounds like I guy I would have never hung out with, he shouldn't have died. Sad, very sad. I feel for the daughter and his mother.