Update on Marvin Gray

Any of you who remember the infamous Marvin Gray from the "BJJ in prison" or "Could you whoop Marvin Gray?" threads?



Well if you do, I've got a little update on him for you. Some D.O.C. guys were at the jail today and Marvin's name came up in the conversation. Apparently, he's had a leg removed (from the knee down) due to problems associated with diabetes.

So the man who was surely the most infamous and feared inmate in the state of Colorado has been dealt a little bit of divine justice.

Inmates across the state can sleep easier now, and are possibly hoping for a chance at a little payback now that he's crippled.

I thought some of you might be interested in hearing this, since those two threads got so many hits and posts.

you know some poor guy is getting stump-fucked somewhere tonight...


LOL at jacktripper.

And he still isn't crippled enough to be taken lightly.

Remember those "crippled" wrestlers that were talked about on here lately?

"you know some poor guy is getting stump-fucked somewhere tonight... "

LOL. I'm sure the guy is still dangerous.



a one legged marvin gray would still kill me and 98% of the rest of the internet LOL

I'd like to challenge Marvin Gray to an ass kicking contest. 

Gary Hughes

respect the stump

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Marvin Gray can find some solace in listening to some Marvin Gay's
"Sexual Healing" when the boys come looking for theirs.

ttt 4 the booty bandit.

hugojkd...Yes, I can kick harder than Mike Tyson.  People used to say being kicked by me was like being hit by a telephone pole.

Gary Hughes, 53 and still kicking