Update on OMA's broken ankle

LOL its not getting any better. He is out here training with me and he passed my gaurd, so I had to make him pay

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Nice cankles, fattie.

Yuck, it turned his toes all black

Shields by heelhook, 14:03

Too much rouge imo.

It makes him look like a whore.

Im a brawler and a leglocker!

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That's happened to me many times playing basketball and it hurts like hell. I'll make sure to never pass your guard if I ever roll with you Jake.

Here he is at my Apt. with a cane (like a little tiny crippled person) compliments of my Shamrock heelhook

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Nothing acouple of drinks couldnt fix.........

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That's a minor league injury. I also injured my ankle years ago playing basketball, and it was three times the size of that. Entire foot and shin turned black and blue.

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He changes the colors daily!

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He deserves to get his ankle cranked for having that toe nail polish on.

Jake must have envisioned this poor chap as Frank Trigg because Trigg paints his toe nails. And since Jake and Frank didn't get to fight at ROTR Jake had to get his hatred for Trigg out somehow.

Note to self Never paint toe nails before rolling with Jake.

I mean blue and black polish is ok, but the red is a little weak.

looks like the weight of the belt finally took its toll on his joints...first the ankles then the knees...what next...

prove it

Does OMA have red nail polish?

Pink and black have been the colors so far

I am an OMA nuthugger! and a fag*

That last part was actually typed by crippled ass OMA, But I have since taken my laptop from him and he cant wobble over here to get it. LOL