Update on Steve Hannah re: tumor

As many of you know, Pedro Sauer, 3rd degree brown belt, my instructor and good friend suffered an epileptic seizure 6 months ago. He called me from the hospital to tell me that he had a large tumor in his brain. His diagnosis was very poor. Steve is a Dr and told me that he should be dead w/in 9 months. He has a lovely wife, and 4 beautiful and young children.

I asked the forum and my church to pray for him. I prayed often and even my 4 year old (I love the faith of children) would pray often for him. After we blessed our food, she would always say, "and for Steve...".

Steve had the tumor removed and they felt good because they got all the visible tumor. That is generally near impossible as brain tumours have "roots" that you cannot get (because they'll hit other parts of critical brain function), yet they got pretty much all that was visible. That was a victory. However, the diagnosis was still poor and their was real concern that microscopic seeds would begin aggressively growing.

I came to Steve's house several times just to listen, cry and pray with him. On several occassions I would be led to try to give him a good word and to let him know we were lifting him up in prayer and that God was with him.

He started an aggressive chemo and radiation treatment. He never complained, started working out and even started doing bjj. 6 weeks ago he had his first MRI. It was critical. there was real concern that if he showed any signs of regrowth (and the consensus was, that he would) that he probably would have about 4 weeks left to live. Again, I asked my church and the forum to pray.

Steve called me very relieved and told me, 6 weeks ago, no regrowth! Praise Jesus. He then spent the next 6 weeks living life to the fullest, enjoying his family, doing bjj with me (and man, doing well), and growing much closer to God. He really resigned Himself to God's will and he took upon himself a total aura of peace, and joy.

This weekend he had another MRI. This one would be pretty critical. Again, there was consensus that there would probably be regrowth and if so, a pretty bad prognosis. We prayed and we were trusting in God's will. He called me today to tell me that there was NO REGROWTH and that his brain looks nearly normal. There is a bit of edema from the surgery but other then that, he appears totally healed. He told me that put him in the under 5% category.

He is so thankful for the prayers and so amazed at how transforming this has become to his mindset, faith, relationship with God and others. He metioned that he used to think God sort of wound things up and let 'em rip, but now knows that God honors and desires fellowship and relationship and an invitation into our lives. He feels that so many necessary issues were "cut away" along with the tumor and that he is so much the better for having gone through this.

He will still go through several more MRI's. Technically, you are not out of the woods until year 5 but if he can get to the 1 year mark, he's looking solid. Thank you all who prayed, keep praying for him and know that God honors prayer and if you seek God, His will, His presence in your difficult times, and don't trust what you see, or what people tell you or your emotions, God will provide a way of escape, a blessing and victory in the worst of conditions. Thanks for praying for my buddy.

You got it Rooster.

As long as Catholic prayers count to you...

prayer is a powerful thing, Praise God.

the rev

Sincere prayer moves heaven. God is no respector of persons. Thanks Helwig! (Steve is Catholic).

  • zealot drops dead in disbelief* What do you guys do, try to tap eachother while qouting bible verses ?????? good to hear about steve.

That's awesome news Rooster! I'm telling you, seeing a child in prayer is one of the most inspiring, motivational, humbling, amazing experience I can ever have.

Glad to hear Steve is doing well.

His story has blessed many around here rooster. Praise Jesus our Lord and Savior.



Ha, Z, I'm really not into debating in person. I like to see if I have an answer for every man for what my hope in Christ is (on the forum) and I think it's a good way to give me things to research as well as to anticipate from non believers.

However Paul didn't win one person after his intellectual debate on Mars Hill. He later talked about a different success where he came not in "wisdom of words but in the power of the Spirit" (paraphrase).

I seek to minister in person.

That being said, Steve and I have in the past teased other while grappling...all in good nature. We have a brotherly love for each other.

When people need to be ministered to, the compassion, the prayer, the Spirit mean more then winning theological battles.

Steve was there for me in hard times, and I hope to be as good a friend for him.

That is awesome rooster. I will keep him in my prayers.