Update On Stock Market: Cheddarred Edition! Results Inside!

5 days ago I gave you guys a hot stock pick to buy Coke because some gay soccer player said not to drink it and the price dropped, obviously due to rebound. Did you follow my advice?

As you can see after my pick, the price IMMEDIATELY shot up from 402 to 414. At this point I would have advised you to sell and we’ll see how it goes. As it stands now the price is 405, STILL a healthy profit!

If you don’t want to miss out on the next EASY stock market prices lookout for my next Official Stock Market Chedarr’ed thread in the coming days! If you want to be a broke ass bitch and miss out on EASY profits then ignore them!


I would have done better because I would have bought at 402 sold at 414 bought at 406 sold at 408 bought at 402 and sold at 406. See my logic. Same as yours. Lol

How’s the wife’s arm healing? She forgiven you for throwing a can at her and cutting her elbow?

great thread, thumbs up, BIG WIN!

Thank you theraskal! Notice the haters are suspiciously absent. Probably embaressed they ignored my stock pick when they could have made EASY money!

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What would have prompted you to sell at 414? Why 414? I mean it’s a no brained AFTER the fact which is what I see you presenting. Just trying to be wealthy.

Pretend I never said that. Stock is still up from when I said to buy it. CHECKMATE HATER

Ummm. Confusing. I asked what would have made you to decide when to sell ? Sorry for be confusion

Original post literally says I said to buy at 402 and it is now at 405. Sell now. Bam, you made money off my stock pick. This is not complicated friend. Maybe you should sit it out though, I don’t think trading stocks is for everyone. LOL

Cool. Do how much money did you make on this one? What did you sell at?

he made 3… 3 money.

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Damn, crazy gains. Totally worth the risk

I made 78,000 on this one and sold at 405.

OMG. You bought at 402 and sold for 405. That’s less than 1% profit. And you made 78,000. You are smart so I will let you reveal how much you invested to get a 78,000 profit. Lol. See how silly you are. Go ahead. Put out that number. !!!

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Now he has to research to see when it was very low in price and say that is when he bought it. Or another story to believe or just blow it off altogether.

His problem with his desire to be a homeslice is he needs to think about his stories to get them somewhat wild but within reason. Just recently he put out a story where he threw a can at his wife snd cut her elbow when they were arguing. Now he has to live with that one

Lol your too dumb to figure out what I invested.

Answer: blow it off altogether. Good choice

Reminder. What did you buy it at and what century was it that low?

FREE money…BAM!

Big Cheddar knows how to climb that social ladder unlike those ILLbred curs and wageSLAVES which spend all their TrumpCheck$/BidenBuck$ on GUN$ & PELOTON$!

Bought it at 401 on the 21st. You still havent read the op? Im starting to wonder about you man. Looking forward to your next question. Gonna be what I sold it at, or what stock it was, or where you are/what year are we in?

Got it. You bought it at 401 and sold it at 405 and made 78,000. That’s what you are saying right. Lol. Homeslice would be disappointed