Update & thanks

I leave today for 2 weeks of training, then I am back again but only for 4 days before I take off June 21 for the UK for 21 days.

Fortunately AOL has an access number in the UK, so I should be able to post.

As many of you have probably read, one of my assistants and fellow PDR coach Phil Hughes fought his first MMA fight and did great.

What an experience for him to apply the 'system' and have it work like choreography. Though there were several TCMS physical moves he made happen, it was the 'Replication theory' and 'Emotional Climate Training Principles' that I feel made the difference.

His composure and inner calm was that of a professional, in fact, it was way beyond his ring experience [which was none!] He was interviewed immediately after the fight and spoke without total clarity and wasn't even breathing hard.

"What goes on around you compares little with what go on inside you"


Looking in from the outside, some will assume that Phil won with ju jitsu' [he finished his opponent with a choke], but for those of you new to this forum or new to my research, you will discover with my system, that the mitigating factors in a fight are often determined by the emotional/psychological preparation. Many of these training principles used to prepare Phil are covered in a video we did on the session which is now being edited. We will also show the fight on the tape as well as backstage clips etc.

Also, Joe Stagner, a frequent voice on the forum, came in from New Hampshire to film the fight with some awesome new SONY digital camera. Should be awesome.
We'll be running a special for the video as soon as its back from editing. Details on the fight are in the CONGRATS TO PHIL thread.


PDR graduate Robb Finlayson was in town from Edmonton and helped Phil prepare for the fight by volunteering body parts and brain cells. Rob, thanks!

TCMS Student and, Evan Blauer [yes, we're related], clearly a sadist, threw his body with joy at Phil who slammed & twisted him in preparation for the fight.

Those of you who have called the office know who Matt is, aside form running the email order department, Matt is also the Senior instructor at my school and he got the worst of it as he has helped train Phil over several weekends. I'm not going to tell you all the drills we did, but let's just say that if you owned shares in ice-packs and aspirin last month your portfolio improved :-)

Those were the main sparring partners that drilled Phil in a specially designed program I put together especially for this fight. But strategy alone cannot win a fight, there must be tools...

And no win can be linked to just one source, confidence is built over time, so I'd like to extend a special thanks to a couple of people who's skill and insight as instructors helped build Phil's toolbox.

Firstly, thanks to former student and assistant of mine, Angelo Exarhakos, who in the past has helped train Phil in his grappling fundamentals. Without sound fundamentals, no one can go anywhere in any sport. Angelo now runs the most popular grappling classes in Montreal.

A special thanks to my friends and Walt Lysak and Charlie Lysak and the rest of the Sento gang for taking those fundamentals and polishing his finishing skills, honing his grappling instincts and giving Phil the groundfighting strength & confidence Walt & Charlie are renowned for.

Last but not least...

When Phil called me on short notice to say he was offered a fight [replacing an injured fighter] I was reticent but my schedule was open and so we set up a meeting. At that meeting I asked Phil if he wanted to win or 'win' using the SPEAR System. He paused and said "Both". We only had a few weeks to work and due to my schedule I only had 6 days spread out over those few weeks. And so, to the guy who walked the walk... thanks Phil for believing in yourself and in the system and trusting the training & the strategy.


Well Said as always!!!!! You've built one helluva team. My sincere and hearfelt Congratulations to Phil, You, and your TEAM!!!!


Congrats to Phil,Tony and everyone involved!Training foraNHB fight is a team orinted process and it looks like your on the right path!!!

Thanks BigJohn!

The day after the fight Phil wanted to run, he waited until I finished preparing for the trip I'm on and then with pen & paper asked me what I wanted him to work on in preparation for his next fight. You think he's focused?




Thanks Tony.

God bless Brother, Walt & Charlie