Keep an eye out on this space for the latest update regarding Elvis' UFC opponant.  Due to recent circumstances Elvis is moving up on the card and will be facing a new opponant!


Is Elvis going to make a habit of speaking about himself in the 3rd person ?

Tank would like to know...



Elvis is unavailable for comment... :p


"You can't see a masterpiece as it's being created stroke by stroke. You have to see it whole. It's like not being able to see the forest from the trees."

You're going to paint portraits of the fighters from ringside ??


"You're going to paint portraits of the fighters from ringside ?? "

queries the efficacy of this technique

maybe that's something they only teach the black belts... (?)

Well it was that or contemplate Elvis using the "stroke by stroke" technique, and Tank found that a little too disturbing.



PS: All sillyness aside though, it sounds like a very interesting development, good luck !

Yeah, what Tank said!

(the good luck part, not the "stroke by stroke part"!) :)

Sounds like the kind of late breaking news, best delivered via Radio Talk Show.......???

What do you think champ???



Go Elvis Go Elvis

Well it is an update cause my opponant has changed.  It's just not a complete update.



Ian Freeman out, Elvis Vs Forrest?????

Elvis vs Forrest... great match up...

I'd give you a stroke by stroke update, but I can't type that well one handed...


Just read at MMAWeekly.com that Freeman is out. It looks like Elvis VS Forrest is on. What a great return match for the King.

Mate if you win that match your stock is going to rise in the UFC

Go Elvis!

From: Karelinfan

Ian Freeman out, Elvis Vs Forrest?????

thats what i heard too. Go Elvis Go!

fuck yeah!

Sounds like a great opportunity.  Go Elvis... oh wait, I am Elvis... Go Me!  ;)


Good luck Elvis, you'll do well and show em the high level of Aussie MMA fighters..