Should be an awesome fight! Go Elvis!

Best of luck with whatever happens, Elvis. It would be good to see a familiar face among the UFC ranks.

Will be nice to be a familiar face among UFC ranks.

I think this is a good fight for Elvis,...will be an interesting fight.

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Good luck King, going to be a hell of a matchup.

You might break a few hearts with the whole TUF connection.

Good luck Elvis. Smash him for a 6 mate. All the best.


Go Elvis!

Good matchup!

Will be a great fight.  Forrest will be a very tough opponant. 


Forrest is fookin so popular at the moment, innit, if the King can take
him it's TTfookinT for Elvis!!!
hey Elvis, after you beat him, call yourself the 'the ultimate fighter
hunter' & call out Bonner!
Dana White - watch this space.

This is a fantastic opportunity for Elvis to fight against the new poster boy of UFC.

Will be interesting to see the bout order and odds for this one. A sinosic by sub R1 may be worth laying a lazy few $$ on.

All the best in this matchup.



Thanks for the support guys.  I'm working hard to get ready.


Gorgeous says, "YAAAAAYYY!!!!"

I agree. I think you would be awesome in Pride!!!

"On an unrelated note Elvis, is there any chance of a pride appearance at some point?"

Would love to have a go in Pride.  But, as you all know, it's up to Pride.


kool just got out UFC 49 i was thinking it would be nice to see an aussie in the UFC again. my mates are always asking me if there are any good australian fighters in the UFC.

elvis by ref stoppage (strikes) in the 2nd forrest is great but he doesnt look as crisp to me on the ground or standing