Updated K1 NYE card w/ silly rules

This is from Dave Meltzer's Wrestling Observer

--More notes on the K-1 show. Caol Uno vs. Chandet Sorpantrey has a 156 pound weight limit. No other rule changes.

Cyril Abidi vs. Bobby Orogun is MMA rules but 3:00 rounds instead of 5:00 because Orogun has never fought and he'll probably gas bad in a 5:00 round.

All the kickboxing rules matches are three rounds, but if there is a 1/2 point or less differential in the scorecards, they will go into a fourth overtime round which will decide the fight, similar to the controversial Grand Prix.

Royce Gracie vs. Akebono is two 10:00 rounds, with no judges (it's a draw if it goes the time limit), no doctor stoppage, no referee stoppage, and it can only end via tap out, knockout, pass out or corner throwing in the towel. Yay,we've got a coward waves the flag match.

In the Yoshihiro Akiyama vs. Francois Botha match, Botha gets one allowable rope break in each of the three rounds, but the rounds have 5:00 time limits under MMA rules.

It appears the Heath Herring vs. Sam Greco match is off, as nobody is talking about it.

However, Predator vs. Kristof Midoux (MMA rules), which we'd reported on in last week's Observer, was officially announced earlier today, as was Musashi vs. Sean O'Haire (kickboxing rules).

If Sapp wins the coinflip, the first round of their match will be MMA rules. If LeBanner wins, it will be K-1 rules in the first round. If there is a second round, it reverts to the other set of rules.

K-1 is hilarious. There are like 5 or 6 different sets of rules for one event.

I'm just gonna sit back and enjoy the madness.

I wonder if O'Haire can take out Musashi?