Updated lineup for ICE event

ICE 7: Meltdown at Metropolis, Jan. 16, Fairfield, Ohio


Ron Fields vs. Jeremy Horn

Ashley Johnson vs. Jennifer Howe

Buddy Lewis vs. Greg Franklin

Trevor Garrett vs. Amir Rahnavardi

Cowboy Penny vs. Mojo Horn

Leo Sylvest vs. Neal Rowe

Ricky Hutchins vs. Nathan Fitch

David Jones vs. Mike Warner

Jason Willis vs. Scott Campau

Dave Cochran vs. Billy Rush

Dan Swift vs. Ryan Rinsheid

Clay Coffman vs. TBA

Gerald Pierson vs. TBA

Event is Jan. 16 at Metropolis in Fairfield, Ohio... take 75 South to 275 West... exit on Forrest Park exit, go right... Metropolis is behind the mall.

Doors open at 6:30 p.m... first bout at 8 p.m. Tickets are available at Metropolis (513) 671-2881 and SACAN Martial Arts (513) 759-4488.

Forgot to mention... Matt Hughes, Jens Pulver and Tim Sylvia will be on hand signing autographs and selling merchandise.

"Cowboy Penny vs. Mojo Horn"

Battle of the coolest names in MMA.

Gotta go with Swift.


You should have the Horn's battle each other.

Winner gets to keep their "mojo"

"Cowboy Penny vs. Mojo Horn"

Is this a real match?

Amir Rhadnivardi is on the card that is awesome. I watched him fight a few months back in California on a Vut Kamnark Muay Thai show man this guy can strike...

Great show Monte...


What does ICE stand for?

international caged events




International Combat Events... this is Kerry Schall's event. I'm simply the helper.

Translation: Anything goes wrong, it's his fault. If it goes well, I did it. LOL

For a second there, I thought JHR or BZLJJ was going
to fight under the alias of "Mojo" Horn.

No,BZLJJ would fight under the name "Mini Horn"

I am SUPER PUMPED! I am going to stay in Jeremy's basement for 2 weeks in June! :)

Ps. My fighting name is "Jeremy Horn Jr."! ;)

"I am going to stay in Jeremy's basement for 2 weeks in June! :)"

I am going to train while I am there too.


Good luck and good skills Dave Cochran, and J. Horn...