Updated Untamed 6 July 15 card

Dale Hartt (Irish) vs Pat Shaw (Aggression)

O.J. Finnegan (Newton Judo) vs Kipp Kollar (NAGA MMA)

Rafael Rebello (Best Way/BTT) vs Paul Gorman (AMMA)

Mark Casseau (Assassin) vs Joe Cuff (NAGA MMA)

Brandon Hoxie (Shikaku Ryu) vs Jerry Spiegel (Lion Kill)

Rollie Sears (Mitchell)(?) vs Chris Palmquist (Aggression)

Nate Kitteridge (Burgess) vs Josh Yox (Mitchell)


Mike Lallaberty (Irish) vs John Clarke (Arujo/CTMMA)

Josh Spearman (Dragon Warrior) vs Amphome Phomachak (Freestyle)

Mark Hoxie (Shikaku Ryu) vs Marcelo Virla (MSA)

Nick Zimmerman (Immortal) vs Jeremy LeFrance (Mitchell)

Nate LaMotte (Burgess) vs Jason Giroux (Santos)

Eddie Felix (Dragon Warrior) vs Eloy Kaminski (AMMA)


Mike Roush (Red Bear Sambo) vs Lance Everson (Boneyard)


What happened to Grandmaison/Peterson?

no cesar...

some good fights though...

Great card. Good luck with the show guys. I predict wins out of Gorman, Spiegal, Palmquist, Kitteridge, Giroux, and Everson. Dont know enough about the other fights to predict.

Rich, when are you fighting again?

So where did the OJ/Kipp beef come from?

Whats going on Matt? I have been in Denver for the summer but will be back east next month. I fought out here a few weeks ago and will probably try to get my next fight at the end of August or in September.

Corey Peterson got a blood infection from a bug bite. So he asked to reschedule the fight for August.

Cesar also had to reschedule due to family issues that are taking up his training time.

Kipp and O.J. you ask? Legend has it that they are twins that were seperated at birth.

Kipp was adopted by a wealthy family and lived on a beach in Puerto Rico while O.J. was a homeless waif raised in the streets by sewer rats.

...Now...30 years later... O'J. wants half of Kipp's shit and he's gonna take it come July 15th...BE THERE!!!

so OJ is part ninja turtle?

Kipp's just avenging my loss from so long ago



Rich, congratulations on your win! Heard all about it. Awesome man. We're all anxiously awaiting your return here in the Northeast.


You need to have Clarke fight before the intermission so the drinking can begin ASAP.

joe, I figured John would still be cutting weight during the intermission....or should I call you ...splinter?

Hey mike this isnt one of them official events where i have to wait unyil after i fight to start drinking.Is it?

No Jerry, you can start drinking as soon as the rules meeting is over.

Are you saying I'm fat?

He has to wait until after the rules meeting? That's some bullshit Mike.