Updating fight records...

Howdy party people. Much like herpes, I'm back;-) Hey, I was just wondering who on Full Contact Fighter I need to contact in order to update my fight record that they have. After a lay off of 8months, I came back in April and TKO'ed Jon Kirk, and then KO'ed Jeff Messina last week in Texas. Both good fighters, and no disrespect to them at all, I just want my record to reflect these wins. I would ask about Sherdog, but I hate them so much, I'd sacrific 12 babies just to place a curse on their genitals.

Anyway, if anyone could help me out, that would be fan-tabulous.

Cedric "Spider Man" Marks AKA: Mr. I'm Bringing Sexy Back;-)

PS: For you gay fanboys who would care, I met Bob Sapp at the Seattle airport when I flew back in last week. I have to say, that's the biggest human I've ever stood next to. Oh the horrid things he must do to his poor tiny Japanese wife...LOL!!!

There is a spot at the top of the fcfighter database that has the email address for updating records. It takes them forever though, I sent them updates for my record over a week ago.

Yeah, that link doesn't seem to work for me. But thanks.


Keanu, with his Matrix Kung Fu, would totally kick your ass.


I doubt Keanu could even spell Matrix in real life...but I'd take the red and green pill from Jada anyday;-)

Neo from the Matrix, Batman and just about any Jedi would Own you in any cage or ring.

Admit it, then just go ahead and give up fighting.

I emailed them 2 days ago and they responded within like 3 hours..

First and foremost, I've never been beaten up by a homosexual...so while I have yet to fight Frank Trigg, Batman is out.

Secondly no Jedi would fight me in empty handed combat, so that's not even an issue. The REAL question is, can a dog look up without having to sit down first? When you answer that, asshopper, then you will be a true jedi.

Hi Greg;-)


Spidey..Stick to the octagon or the cage or the ring or wherever you fight

But if you ever want to step your game up just a little bit, at least try to
tangle with Jazz from the Transformers. I doubt you will though.. In that

I would even bet 3-1 That Wolverine could take you..

im still 0-0

drmr...I just watched Transformers the movie tonight, and Jazz got his ass handed to him by Megatron, and anyone know's I'd make Megatron suck my Allspark!!

hahahah... Great movie huh.. I thought it was crazy how Jazz got ousted though. He had a lot of personality..

I emailed them some 4 weeks ago and they still havent updated mine. Then I KOed Adriano Nasal last 2 saturdays ago, and Sherdog has it listed, but FCFighter doesnt.

So on Sherdog, Im 11-4, and on FCFighter Im 9-4.

I need contact info as well because I am 3 - 0 but each win is under a different spelling of my last name. Kinda shitty when I want to show my kids, see look daddy was a fighter and not a decrepid pussy his whole life.

Yeah, I guess I'll ahve to get on the promoters asses.

And you gotta expect Jazz getting killed. everyone knows, in a movie like that, the black man...or robot, always get's it first:-(