UPE7 available on DVD

I have completed the masters for my Ultimate Pin Escapes video set on DVD. The 7 tape series has been re-editted and compacted into 5 DVD's. Because replicating pressed DVD's is kind of expensive, I will be duplicating each one of the DVD's as my funds permit.

I was originally going to wait until I had duplicated all the pin escape DVD's and then release the entire set at once to the public. However, since forum members have been nagging like little girls about wanting DVD's as soon as possible, I have decided to release each DVD as I finish duplicating them so you guys can get them sooner.

I have currently sent "Ultimate Pin Escapes Part 7: Pin Prevention and Transitional Escapes" to the duplicators. I should have them back in about 1 week.

This DVD also contains some bonus footage. I show an old clip of me when I was brown belt and my instructor, Joe Moreira. In the clip, Joe allows me to start in any pin on him and allows me to sink in the pin 100%. You will see the master at work as he escapes in seconds and looks absolutely effortless. He makes me look like I don't even know how to pin.

The cost for this DVD will be US$30 + s/h. For those who already have my pin escape videos on VHS, you can get this DVD for US$20 + s/h until the end of April.

By the way, I know someone is going to ask if the techniques on DVD is applicable to no gi and the answer is YES.

To order this DVD, e-mail me at mjen@pacbell.net or mjenmaa@hotmail.com. You can also call me at 408-531-1001.


The first set I purchased from Bolo and definitely a great buy.

indeed there is a god and he does answer prayers.

Hey Bolo Why Not get the great Bill Lewis to do a review?? JK... He's another one of those Internet Jiu Jitsu Trainer AKA Wannabe.

"However, since forum members have been nagging like little girls....."

Bolo, I was almost sold until you said this...

BJJStudent2, it was a joke obviously :)

I am placing my order today!

Orderded! :)

CLICK HERE! or CLICK HERE! to order (no links for the phone ;) )

I should be getting the DVD's back from the duplicators on Friday.




Fast shipping as always, got mine today :)

got it, watched it, laughed at the footage with Joe!


Great video!

this DVD fucking rocks.

i received it yesterday, watched it once, and was already using decent amount of the material.

bolo's teaching method makes it very easy for me to retain the info presented.


let your women take care of the kid and keep converting the rest of this series.

keep your pimphand strong!

Can't wait!

How did you guys like the bonus footage?

There is a review of PIN PREVENTION & TRANSITIONAL ESCAPES in the review for Mr. Jen's Ultimate Pin Escapes series on WhiteBelt.org.